So most weeks, Tuesday is a pretty boring day. In fact, Tuesday is one of my least favorite days of the week. It’s that day where you feel like you’ve gotten through Monday but instead of breathing a sign of relief, you realize there’s still so much of the week to get through until Friday. But this week, I’m embracing Tuesday for the mere fact that it’s my birthday! 

Twenty-nine is such a weird age. To me, it sounds really old because it has a nine in it. Not quite 30 (thank god – not ready for that yet), but definitely not 25 or 26, or 27 for that matter. Am I supposed to start thinking about starting a family? Being super-established in my career? Twenty-nine just sounds like it means business.  

While everybody is sitting back telling you that they don’t feel their age, I’m here to tell you that I most definitely feel twenty-nine. Life is starting to get really hard. For instance… 

  • I can’t stay up past 11. No, really. Going out to a club? Out of the question. I’ll be asleep while you’re pre-gaming.
  • I can’t leave the house when there’s a BRAVO marathon on. Don’t think I will, don’t ask me to do it, because I just can’t. 

  • I can’t go ‘out’ more than once a week. Scratch that. Most weeks I can’t even go out once a week. 

  • I can’t day-drink. Actually, I can’t even really drink, for that matter. RIP strong liver.

  • I can’t eat 4,000 calories of milkshakes, chocolate and french fries for the majority of my week and not work out without gaining 10 lbs. and feeling like a whale. I wish my fast metabolism still wanted to be my friend.

  • I can’t do small talk. I’m just too damn tired to pretend like I’m interested.

  • I can’t spend a weekend away with the girls and not have my own hotel room. I need my space. I need my sleep. I need to have it my way. After all, I’m 29 now. 

  • I can’t deal with people advertising every ounce of their lives, including their political views, on social media. That just sounded so mom-ish…29 what are you doing to me?! 

Someone once told me that as I get older, I have to realize that I can’t buy everything and anything I want while shopping. This is how hard I’m laughing…

So in the spirit of my love for clothes, that isn’t going to die down anytime soon, I wanted to share one of my favorite purchases of the fall season with you guys…

When I discovered this top, it was love at first sight. It’s so different from anything I have ever owned & I’m loving the details. It’s currently sold out at Nordstrom (that doesn’t mean it won’t come back in stock!) but I’ve linked two similar ones for you above. I paired it with BLANK NYC’s suede moto jacket, which has been a staple in my fall wardrobe, a pair of light-wash destroyed denim & the thick block-heeled booties that I just can’t get enough of.  


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