Blush Pink & Lace-Ups

August 10, 2016


This weekend was next-level summer heat. I’m talking 96-degree, 100% humidity, can’t-walk-outside-without-needing-a-cold-shower summer heat. Thank god it happened to be one of those weekends where we didn’t have anywhere to go, because my energy was a level Netflix from Friday right through until Sunday.  

Being stuck in the house didn’t afford us much to do, so I spent a few hours on Sunday looking through my current summer wardrobe and organizing my closet. I used to make the fall transition all at once, but it always felt like such a daunting task. For that reason, I now try to do a little at a time. Don’t get me wrong, I am not ready for summer to be over, but I am starting to feel more ready for some cooler air.  

I was never a pink person (aside from that time where my room was painted pink for half of my childhood). I still don’t tend to gravitate towards warm colors; blues and neutrals will always be my go-to’s, however blush has become one of my favorite transitional colors for the end of the summer season. I immediately fell in love with this long, flowy blush top from Lulu*s (I also grabbed it in white). I’ve found that a lot of off-shoulder tops don’t tend to have the length that I want and this one was perfect. I paired it with some rose gold accessories (sunnies & bangle), my go-to Madewell high-rise skinnies and… 

My latest lace-up obsession from Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale: Vince Camuto Barsha Pumps. I won’t lie, the sale price of these shoes are what originally helped me to pull the trigger once these were in my shopping cart, however, had I known how unbelievably comfortable, chic and versatile they are, I would have totally splurged if they weren’t on sale. Believe it or not, these shoes have a 4-inch heel. Though I usually don’t wear anything less than 4 inches, if you’re someone who gravitates toward a smaller heel, don’t be turned off! They are probably one of the most comfortable, if not the most comfortable pumps that I own. These lace-ups pair beautifully with a pencil skirt for work and jeans on the weekend. I just love, love love them to pieces, and if you’re looking for a great pair of nude lace-ups to invest in, these are the ones! 


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  1. Just ordered this top and I am SO excited for it to come in! You look so cute!

    XO, Kylie

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