Everything You Need to Know About Rocksbox, The Monthly Unlimited Jewelry Subscription Box

Enter Rocksbox, a monthly unlimited jewelry subscription to your favorite pieces. Love it? Purchase it. Like it? Wear it and send it back. Hate it? Swap it out for something new. Here's everything you need to know... …


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P&P Top Ten | Get Inspired With Chic Home Decor

I've always been inspired by home décor; sometimes maybe too inspired, because I literally want everything I see! There is something amazing about how even the smallest of pieces can turn a house into a home. Keep reading to see my top ten home decor picks for this season. …


Not Your Typical Workout Playlist

Workout playlists can be painfully, repetitively boring. If you’re rolling your eyes seeing “Uptown Funk” and “Disturbia” on every other playlist as you peruse Pinterest, you’re going to obsess over these new tracks. Sure, there might be some songs you’ve heard before, however there will also be lots that you haven’t. I promise, this is not your typical workout playlist.    The art of finding new music can be an arduous task. Although…


Quick & Easy DIY Sunglass Display

If you're as much of a sunglasses fiend as I am, it can get rather annoying opening up each case as you fish through your drawer for the perfect pair. I am and will always be a sucker for visual organization, so when I found a cost effective and ridiculously easy way to display my sunnies, I went right to work.…