Island Vacay Packing Guide

When getting into the mindset of packing for this trip down to the Bahamas, I was in a much improved state-of-mind than I was when packing for my Italy trip. Though I was packing for a totally different environment, I felt like I had nailed down the necessities, and those items that I could live without for a 7-day stay. …


P&P Top Ten | Springtime in Europe

What better time of year to jet across the globe to Europe than the Springtime? Crisp, cool air with just enough sunshine makes Spring the perf season to pack your bags and start a new adventure. Check out my top ten essentials that you won't want to leave behind!…


Springtime in Europe Packing Guide

Let me begin by saying that for most of my life I was the 'bring-half-my-wardrobe-in-six-suitcases' kind of girl. I'm prefacing this post with that statement so you can get it through your head that lighter, smarter packing can be done!…