Everything You Need to Know About Rocksbox, The Monthly Unlimited Jewelry Subscription Box

May 1, 2016

Enter Rocksbox, a monthly unlimited jewelry subscription to your favorite pieces. Love it? Purchase it. Like it? Wear it and send it back. Hate it? Swap it out for something new.  


Rocksbox members pay a monthly $19 subscription fee. After completing your Style Survey (see more info about that below), you will receive 3 pieces of jewelry in your box and have the option to purchase them or wear them and send them back. Only love one piece? You can keep the one you love and send back the other two. If you choose to purchase an item, you will receive it at a discounted price from the designer. In addition, Rocksbox provides you with “Shine Spend” each month – which, simply stated, is a $10 credit toward anything you’d like to buy.  

Unlimited means that you can swap out your pieces as many times as you’d like in a given month. As soon as you send your box back using the pre-paid label and shipping box provided to you, a new one will be on its way!  


Upon signing up, you will be asked to take a Style Survey to help your stylist best choose pieces that you will love. You’ll be asked questions like, “Which day outfit inspires you the most?” and “Which metal tone do you wear?” The survey is very visual, which is nice because your a lot of your choices depend on what image catches your eye. 

 At the end of the survey, Rocksbox will ask you if there’s anything else your stylist should know. Take advantage of this space! Tell your stylist what colors you love and which ones you tend to stay away from, and any other specific style preferences you might have. 

What’s great about the Style Survey is that you can retake it as many times as you’d like to. I’ve done this myself, as I was noticing that I was getting beautiful earrings in my monthly subscription boxes but never wearing them. Preferences will change over time, which is why it’s important to keep your survey updated if you want to continue receiving pieces tailored to your style.


You will also have the option to create a wishlist, browsing through Rocksbox’s designer pieces and starring the ones you love. There’s a good chance your stylist will include at least one of the pieces from your wishlist each month in your box.    


Once you receive your pieces, make sure to keep all original packaging including your shipping box. When it’s time to send your jewelry back, you will use Rocksbox’s pre-paid return label and box. 

You can keep your pieces for as short or as long as you’d like. Wear them for a week and swap them our for a new set, or keep them for a few, fall in love with one, buy it and then start the process all over again. 

Once you’ve returned any pieces you don’t want to purchase from your set, you’re encouraged to leave feedback to your stylist in order for them to continue to refine your preferences and only deliver the very best pieces to you. 


 When logged in to Rocksbox, your dashboard will look something like this:


For those of you who know me, you know that I’m a freak when it comes to organization. This dashboard gets an A+ in my book. There’s really no explaining to do because it’s all laid out clear as day.  


Packaging – A+

Overall Appeal – A+ 

Instructions – A+

Contents – A 

Everything was pristinely packaged. I’m totally one of those people who pay attention to detail like this and was so impressed as I opened each neatly-crafted layer of the box.   

My instructions were placed right at the top of my box with clear directions on how to purchase and/or return my pieces, along with a personalized note from my stylist. Each piece was also listed with its insider price so I could easily know how much I would be paying if I chose to purchase something.   

What you see below is my first set. I’m so picky when it comes to jewelry, which is why I really worked to personalized my Style Survey – and I was so pleasantly surprised with what my stylist picked out for me! 

(See these modeled here). 

 (See this modeled here).  

You can shop these items at full price below or sign up for a free month of Rocksbox using my personal code, pineappleandproseccoxoxo. If you’re a jewelry lover who just can’t get enough, or simply too lazy to shop for your own pieces (I’m both), give Rocksbox a try…I promise, you’ll be addicted.

Thank you Rocksbox for partnering with me on this post. 




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