Let's Talk Pearly Whites!

This post is sponsored by Gleem.

Oral hygiene has always been super important to me (yes, I was the kid who told everyone she wanted to be a dentist growing up), and I’m sharing a few of my tips for keeping those teeth extra sparkly in today’s post with the help of Gleem.


Tip 1: Don't Wait to Brush!

I’m a ‘brush first thing’ kind of gal. Yes, sometimes my OJ tastes a little funky after brushing, but I firmly believe in brushing first thing to rid your mouth of the bacteria that’s accumulated overnight.

Tip 2: Switch to an Electric Toothbrush

My dentist always told me to make sure you’re always using a brush that’s capable of covering the places that need covering, with extra soft bristles that will help get under your gums.

Gleem’s Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush checks both of those boxes! It comes in a bunch of fun colors (also beautifully designed for a little bathroom countertop upgrade), but most importantly, gets the job done and then some! Gleem’s electric toothbrush comes with two brushing modes: Classic Clean & GLEEM Clean for a little extra brushing power.

Since switching to an electric toothbrush, I feel like I’m getting a much deeper clean that’s also contributing to keeping my gums healthy. Overall, my teeth feel shinier, smoother and just better.


Tip 3: Use a Whitening Product for a Little Extra Boost

Especially for my coffee/red wine drinkers, it can be tough to combat staining over time. Gleem also offers a One Week Professional Teeth Whitening Light Kit. Yes, just seven days to professional-grade whitening status.

I’ve tried many different at-home teeth whitening systems over the years and while I did see results from those, there was always something missing. Some kits were too harsh for my teeth and brought out a lot of sensitivity, others were messy, took too long to see results, etc.

I’ll be honest; I went into using Gleem’s whitening system expecting to check one of those boxes, simply based on prior experience. However, the strips were easy to apply (no mess), and I was able to just assign myself a task like putting on a Netflix show or getting some computer work done for the 60-minutes it took to whiten. Adding the blue LED light in for the final 5 minutes to give it that extra boost was the fun part! Real talk, I was shocked at what a difference just one session made.

The next day, my teeth were a little sensitive (very minimal compared to what I have previously experienced), and simply added a day in between whitening sessions to minimize that, which ended up being totally fine. Overall, super impressed with the quality and timeliness of Gleem’s whitening kit!


Gleem also offers a Touch-Up Teeth Whitening Pen, which helps rid surface stains in just one minute...great to keep in your bag when you need a little pick me up!

I know I teased these whitening products for you a few weeks ago, and so many of you said you were in the market for a good whitening product...this is it!!! Excited to finally be able to share it with you, and can’t wait to hear your thoughts too!

You can grab all of these Gleem products right here at Walmart.com!


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