Holiday Gift Guide Part I | For the Hostess

November 5, 2016

I went back and fourth about the best way to deliver you P&P’s holiday gift guide. Ultimately, I decided rather than pack it all into one, I’d give it to you in a four-part series; less overwhelming and more to look forward to!

What are your thoughts on the holidays? Personally, I can’t stand the whole mentality of the holiday hustle. You’re probably thinking, “then WTF are you writing a four-part gift guide for?” Well, for one, while I don’t like the holiday hustle, I do love the holidays! Secondly, my favorite part about the holidays, hands down, is the art of finding and gifting the perfect present! 

Whenever I’m giving a gift, I mentally organize all of the possible ‘gift categories’ that person fits into. Are they a hostess? Fashion-obsessed? A beauty guru? Love to travel? Usually, you’ll find that one or two stand out, and once you narrow it down, you can start thinking in terms of niche. Which brings me to today’s niche…the hostess!

Click on any of the icons below to shop and keep reading for a closer look into my five favorite picks! 

Coffee table books typically serve one purpose: to sit on a table and look pretty. Not only does this book by Kate Spade serve that purpose, but it also delivers a great read for the modern-day hostess!

Some things you’ll find in this book: 

“How to shuck an oyster, curate a vibrant guest list, guide a dinner-table discussion—right alongside modern conundrums such as Instagram etiquette at dinner.” ( 

Retails for: $28.00



2. Celestial Coaster Set

Okay, so I am totally guilty of finding a gift for someone and adding two to my cart (my best friend calls it the “one for you-one for dani” method). I found this coaster set a few years back and had to get one for myself, too. I’m so happy that it is still a staple at Anthropologie (they’re literally always in stock!) because of its popularity.

The set currently comes in 7 different colors and doubles as a beautiful decorative piece for the home. 

Retails for: $40.00 (set of 4)


3. Art Deco Champagne Flutes 

If you’re gifting a hostess, and she enjoys a good glass of bubbly, these champagne flutes are a definite yes! Though on the pricier side, their unique art deco designs and fun shape will earn a special place in your hostess’ bar. 

Definitely think I’m going to pull the one for you-one for me method on these, because I am head over heels in love.  

Retails for: $86.00 (set of 4)


Okay, well technically it’s a cheese board, but does that really matter? As someone who loves to host, you can’t go wrong with a great serving board. Whether you’re using it for a wedge of your favorite cheese, a tray for your champagne flutes or anything else for that matter, this classic white marble slate with its playful text is a perfect gift. 

Wrap it up with a bottle of wine and you’ll earn some major points! 

Retails for: $58.00



5. Voluspa Cut Glass Jar Candle

Let me tell you one thing I feel very strongly about – A good candle is never overrated. There are some scents that are simply high quality and if you’re thinking Voluspa, you’re thinking right. My personal favorite from this bunch is Huckleberry, but I truly love them all.  

I recommend popping into a store rather than ordering online if you know your hostess is picky about scents, that way you can test it out first. Or, you could just order them all, gift her one and keep the rest! 

Retails for: $26.00






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