How I Keep My Roots in Check with Back2Blonde

October 30, 2016

We all hate roots. For those of you lucky enough to have never needed nor wanted to color your hair, I envy you. But for those of you blondes like me, who have been coloring your dark hair for-ev-er, you probably feel me when I say that blondes typically get short end of the stick when it comes to root coverup!  

Maybe it’s because it’s much harder to cover blonde on a dark root than it is to paint dark onto a lighter root, but I have always felt like there have been no products out there when it came to touching up between visits to my colorist…until now, that is! 

Enter Back2Blonde by Everpro, aka my saving grace. Since I know all you really want to do is see the results, I’m going to give you a quick breakdown of everything you need to know about this ahhhmazing product, and then I’ll get right to the photos!

1. Back2Blonde is equal opportunity. 

It covers 9 shades of blonde & comes in 3 shades: dark blondemedium blonde, and light blonde (mine!).


2. Don’t freak out…it’s not permanent!

The only person allowed to put permanent color on my hair is my colorist, and I like it that way! This will last as long as you want it to (with minimal touch-ups), but washes right out with shampoo.


3. Its a lightweight.

You know those products we all can’t stand that feel like you just poured a jar of syrup in your hair even if you use the most sparing amount? Yeah, this isn’t one of them! No sticky residue here.


4. It’s Natural.

I saved the best for last. My favorite part about Back2Blonde is that it’s not a ‘hair paint’. Think of a shimmery golden mist that covers just enough root to leave your hair looking natural. Think about it – most natural blondes have a root (maybe not a root as dark as mine, but regardless…a root) My least favorite part about getting my hair colored is the week after, because in my opinion, it looks unnatural. I always prefer to have a little bit of a root showing and this product does just that; it masks the extreme contrast and delivers a soft, natural look.


I recommend using Back2Blonde after your hair is fully styled. Think of it as the finishing touch right before you’re ready to go! 

Exhibit A: unattractively dark roots.  

Exhibit B: A soft, natural look – dark contrast eliminated!

Blondes, I highly recommend trying this product out. A quick, easy fix that will let you extend your time between coloring sessions and save you some cash in the long run! 

Thanks Everpro for partnering with me on this post!



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