Late Summer in Italy Photo Diary

February 6, 2016

Traveling to Italy in the late Summer was quite a change of pace from my trip in the early spring. Literally, it was so hot that we did everything in slow motion. Heat wave aside, the blooms were breathaking and the Summertime aura breathed adventure.

We started our trip in Milan and spent the majority of our 12-day stay in Lake Como and Venice, with lots of pit stops in tucked-away towns along the way.  

Below, view from the motoscafi (water taxi), Venice

Piazza San Marco at dusk was alluring. Undoubtedly a popular spot for tourism in the Summer months, Venice felt a bit like Disney World at times. The car-devoid streets and quaint alleyways certainly made Venice unique. I would love to visit Venice again in the Winter or Spring months, however I wouldn’t go running back during this time of year again. 

Not to be confused with Murano, Burano was hands down my favorite village that we visited while in Venice. A breezy 15-minute motoscafi and you’re transported into this vividly colorful city, known primarily for its lace factory. I left with a beautifully delicate lace handkerchief, my ‘something old’ for my wedding (I hadn’t even met husband at that time).

When asked about the uniquely colored homes, our motoscafi captain told us that while the origin of the colors is unknown, the story goes that years ago, when drunken fisherman would return home from sea, they couldnt recognize their homes through the fog. Consequently they began painting them different colors so they would always be able to remember which home belonged to them.

 On our way to Lake Como, we stumbled across the scenic town of Sirmione. Located on the Sirmio Peninsula and bordering Lake Garda, Sirmione is home to the Scaliger Castle. #princesslife 

We spent the last 5-or-so days of our trip in Lake Como, my favorite major destination thus far. The namesake lake’s deep-blue waters are set against the rugged, forested foothills of the Alps. 

 Just minutes away from cities like Bellagio, Menaggio and Lecco, we did lots of exploring. 

 Top, Staring at Stars, similar here // Bikini, Victoria’s Secret, similar here

 When I say it was really hot, I mean it was painstakingly hot. Like, 95 degrees, 100% humidity hot. The villa we had rented conveniently omitted that we would be staying in the 3rd floor apartment with no AC. Needless to say, we only lasted a few days and ended up at the remarkably striking Grand Hotel Tremezzo #forthewin.

Sunglasses, Ray Ban

Below, what every Italian getaway should be – ‘sweet idleness’


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