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August 28, 2016

Loving the simplicity of envelope clutches and this twist on the classic “V” front! 

I’m all about neutrals in Fall and this modest suede heel is the perfect pop of color for any outfit. 

Can’t get enough of flare-style bell-sleeves. I could wear this top with a pair of skinnies 7-days a week. 

When I originally drafted this post, I tried incorporating one piece that represented each Pantone color of 2016 into my collage . I found myself cringing as I looked at the ‘Spicy Mustard’ sweater I picked out and spending hours trying to find something other than a lipstick in ‘Aurora Red’ that I actually liked. And then the thought vomit hit me – I hate Spicy Mustard and Aurora Red. I think ‘Potter’s Clay’ should be named “Rusted Car” and ‘Lush Meadow’ “Emerald City”. I’ll probably never wear Bodacious and…I really can’t stop cringing at that Spicy Mustard (no offense to all of you Spicy Mustard lovers out there!)

So I wiped my board clean and started to build a collage that I was much more excited about. 

‘Airy Blue’ and “Riverside’ are my ideal cup of tea. It was so hard to narrow down my favorite pieces because there were so many choices, and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t already add at least 50% of these items to my shopping card. The best part? 8/10 of these items are under $100!  

[BELOW // Fall 2016’s Pantone colors are coming in hot. With ten colors across the board this season, there will be a plethora of choices when it comes to fall fashion trends]

My favorites, in order:

1. Airy Blue

2. Riverside

3. Sharkskin

4. Warm Taupe

5. Dusty Cedar

6. Lush Meadow

7. Bodacious

8. Aurora Red

9. Potter’s Clay

10. That damn spicy mustard


Which colors are you looking forward to wearing this fall?



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