How to Shop Your Favorites on Pineapple & Prosecco

September 20, 2017


This post has been a long time coming, and to be honest, I really don't know why I didn't do it sooner! I've been trying my best to educate you guys via Insta Stories over the last few months on all the ways you can shop your favorite featured pieces. I thought my teaching game was pretty strong until I came to the obvious realization that a quick lesson shared over a 24 hour period before it disappears into the Instagram abyss is pretty pointless. 

So I guess you could say I'm getting older and wiser because it's time to lay it all out for ya in a single post that will live for-ev-er (any Sandlot fans out there?) on P&P.

If after reading this you're more confused than when you started, please don't hesitate to stop reading my blog all together because I have failed you...or to just reach out :). I'm constantly learning from you guys and your feedback is what helps tailor my content to exactly what you speak up in the comment section below or by shooting me an e-mail



1. See It: On Instagram / Shop It: On the Blog

Okay, so you see a new outfit post on Instagram, and you want to know where you can get that pair of jeans I've been raving about for the past 3 weeks. You see that tag and some weird link but get really annoyed because you just want to see the damn jeans already.

First of all - You can see the damn jeans. Don't worry. But creating a account might be a great idea if you like to follow other bloggers and their outfits (more on that below).

So you want to shop the jeans and you want to shop them now. All of my Instagram posts live on the main page of the Shop section on my blog at RIGHT HERE. You can also access this page when you navigate out of Instagram and open a new browser window. Head directly to my shop page by typing in the following link: You can easily bookmark this page so that you can visit anytime!

Next, simply click on the post where you see the item you want to shop, and get those damn jeans.

shop pineapple & prosecco
shop pineapple & prosecco



 2. See It: On Instagram / Shop It: Via Screenshot Through Your App 

So if you've hopped on the bandwagon, you're going to want to take advantage of this next feature. I, personally prefer this over shoppable e-mails because it's a more organized way for me to shop all of my likes in one place, rather than do so through multiple e-mails. 

Once you've signed up for, head on over to the app store and download the app. Once installed,  simply screenshot any post you want the deets on. Within about 30 seconds, you'll receive a notification that your screenshot is ready to shop (make sure you've enabled your notifications first!) and you can do so directly from your app. 

Your app will also house all of your likes on images, so it's a great place to visit all of your favorite looks as a wishlist of sorts. 




3. See It: On Instagram / Shop It: Via Insta Stories OR Story Highlights

If you happen to catch a post within 24 hours, you can head right over to my Insta Stories to shop the pieces. Simply look for the "read more" text at the bottom of the story and swipe up or tap! 

With this method, you'll be taken directly to the website to shop each individual piece; a great option if you shop from your phone!

Insta Stories expire in 24 hours but I've created a "weekly looks" story highlight right on my Instagram page where you can shop the details for all of my looks from that week!




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