Shining Bright with Smile Brilliant + A $75 Giveaway

December 24, 2016

Shining Bright with Smile Brilliant

Someone once told me, “A smile is the prettiest thing you could wear.” I imagine I was probably way more concerned with what I was actually wearing at the time, but I’ve since come to realize how incredibly true this is!

I’ve always been a fanatic about my teeth. For me, it’s the first thing I notice when I’m meeting someone for the first time. As a blogger, I’m constantly showing my pearly whites in my photos and it’s important to me that my smile stands out.

…and that’s where Smile Brilliant comes in! Smile Brilliant is hands down the easiest, most professional at-home teeth whitening I have tried to-date (and believe me, I’ve tried a lot!). When they got in touch about working together, I didn’t think twice before jumping on board because of all the wonderful things I’ve heard.


What I love about Smile Brilliant is that it’s tailored to your needs. Just like customizing what makeup you buy based on your skin tone, at Smile Brilliant, you can customize what whitening system you buy based on your teeth. Do you have sensitive teeth with average stains? Sensitive teeth with heavy stains? No matter the type, Smile Brilliant’s got you covered with a little bit of everything!

Smile Brilliant3


Okay, this is the fun part. If you loved Play-Doh as a kid, creating your impressions will be right up your alley. When you receive your whitening system, you are essentially receiving every single thing you will need to whiten your teeth over the next few days/weeks with the exception of your custom-fitted trays. Everything is incredibly organized and labeled so as to not overwhelm you that you are literally playing dentist for the day sans eight years of dental school.

Creating your impressions takes about 10-15 minutes tops. It’s done by mixing together a base and a catalyst paste, inserting that paste into your mold, and biting down to make your impressions for both your top & bottom teeth.

Once you’ve finished your impressions, you pop them in the pre-paid envelope that comes with your system and send them to be fitted. Within a week or less, your impressions return in the mail in the form of clear custom-fitted trays that you will later use to achieve all of your sparkly white goodness!


When it comes time to whiten, you simply use the pre-filled tubes to fill your whitening trays, slip your trays onto your top and bottom teeth, and relax! For each application, you can use the whitening gel anywhere from 45 minutes to 3 hours at a time, depending on your needs. Because I had minimal staining to begin with, I was able to achieve the results you’ll see below in just three, 45-minute applications, while I chilled on the couch & caught up on Real Housewives. It was a piece of cake & a win-win; shows caught up on & teeth whitened!

There was no gooey residue similar to what you get from whitening strips, (I literally used to shove about 10 paper towels in my cheeks so I didn’t drool all over the place #embarrassingbuttrue) and with custom-fitted trays, you don’t have to worry about only certain parts of your teeth being whitened like when you’re using an LED whitening system.

Because my teeth have always been a bit on the sensitive side, I opted to use the desensitizing gel prior to whitening, which I have to say worked wonders. I didn’t experience an ounce of discomfort or sensitivity throughout the whole process.


I was shocked when I saw my before and after photos side by side!



Check out these Seven Things You Need to Know Before Buying Teeth Whitening or this tutorial & results vlog by Danielle Mansutti, both of which I found super helpful before trying out Smile Brilliant.


In partnering with Smile Brilliant, they have been kind enough to offer a $75 e-gift card to their website for one reader! For non-sensitive teeth with average stains, this will cut 50% off of your order, and for sensitive teeth with average stains, 45% off your order, just to give you an idea!

You can enter this giveaway by following these two simple steps:

#1: Visit this link to submit your entry!

#2: Comment below with the lip shade you’d wear to match your new sparkly teeth!

Can’t wait and want to get to shopping? Use code pineappleandprosecco5 for 5% off your order at Smile Brilliant.

Thanks Smile Brilliant for partnering with me on this post!


28 responses to “Shining Bright with Smile Brilliant + A $75 Giveaway”

  1. Mahdi says:

    I would love to be able to confidently wear red lipstick.

  2. With a sparkly smile, finding the perfect red shade will be so easy!

  3. Daniel Monday says:

    I’m loocking for a long time a proudact of Teeth whitening
    Reliable product that really works
    its looks very promising!

    I am very impressed by the comments of people already have try the product
    And see the difference and result on my own teeth
    I hope that i will win !!!!

  4. Julie R says:

    I would probably just do the usual nude, but I should try to be more fun and wear a bright color. Maybe if my teeth were white I would want to.

  5. Morgan Klein says:

    Omg I need to try this! Your teeth look amazing!!! I can’t believe that before and after shot!

  6. Bryanna says:

    How exciting! I’ve heard such good things from them. Your teeth look absolutely perfect and such a great way to start off the year!

    xoxo Bryanna | Coming in Clutch

  7. Felecia says:

    Thanks for sharing about your experience with Smile Brilliant. I would rock a lovely tea rose or mauve shade on my lips with such pearly whites. ?

  8. Kerstyn says:

    You’re teeth look amazing! I’ve had my eye on this whitening system for quite a long time and I can’t wait to try it. I would wear a nice subtle pink to show off my new smile. I want my pearly whites to be the star of the show✨

  9. Lauren says:

    Your teeth are gorgeous and so white! I cant believe it worked that well just after three uses. I’ll definitely have to check this out 🙂

  10. Reading this (and looking in the mirror) I realized I REALLY need to try this out! My teeth sure could need some whitening and I’m glad you brought this to my attention sweetie! 🙂

  11. Linh dao says:

    Omg. Your teeth looks amazing after using this product! I just got mine so I am super excited to use them! Thank you for sharing this post!


  12. Laurelle says:

    I’ve been seeing them around! It sounds like their product is great! And I agree about white teeth being a necessity for bloggers 😉

  13. Iliana says:

    I have been meaning to try Smile Brilliant! The results look great and your smile even better!

  14. Stephanie says:

    I can’t believe how well this product worked for you! I already thought you had pearly whites, and now they’re even more brilliant – no pun intended?! I think a vibrant red would be the best way to show off white teeth, since blue-reds already make teeth appear whiter!!

    Stephanie //

  15. Stephanei says:

    Any color will look great!

  16. Jessica Boyce says:

    Perfect retro matte red lipstick!

  17. Amber Smith says:

    Gosh I think I would wear a nice mauve or peach cream to show off my new sparkly teeth.

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