Springtime in Europe Packing Guide

January 16, 2016

Let me begin by saying that for most of my life I was the ‘bring-half-my-wardrobe-in-six-suitcases’ kind of girl. I’m prefacing this post with that statement so you can get it through your head that lighter, smarter packing can be done!

When I received the catastrophic news that I was only able to bring one, I repeat O-N-E carry- on with me to Europe, I had a mini panic attack.

Where was I supposed to put my shoes? Shoes take up a lot of room. I’m not even bringing shoes, I’m bringing BOOTS. Boots take up even more room. Since I absolutely need boots does this mean I’m only going to have room for one bag? I will not choose between black and brown. Shit. Toiletries. Makeup. Hairdryer. That leaves 1/4 of my CARRY-ON suitcase for clothes. Impossible. Not doing it. Not going. Sorry. Can’t be done.

That was me, every day, for the two weeks leading up to my trip. Turns out it was hard, but it wasn’t impossible. Being forced to pack light forced me to pack smart, and each subsequent trip that I went on help me learn how to pack even lighter and even smarter.


Here is your P&P Packing Guide to Springtime in Europe for a 7-10 day vacation.
*Note: I am omitting toiletries because what you bring totally depends on what you need on a daily basis. When it comes to toiletries, abide by two rules of thumb:

1. Don’t go overboard. There’s always a drugstore abroad if you find that you forgot something that you absolutely, positively need.

2. Do utilize travel sizes to bring your essentials.

Pineapple & Prosecco - Springtime in Europe Packing Guide



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