Tropical Print Dress

May 24, 2016


I can confidently say that I’ve never not been a fan of tropical prints. While I live in the northeast, I’m totally okay with dressing like I’m sipping on my passion fruit margarita on a beach in Maui 24-7 – but I really go to town when it’s vacation time. Half of my wardrobe is filled with Show Me Your Mumu’s fun & flowy prints, so when it came time to pack, adding those to the mix was a no-brainer. #Triplebonuspoints awarded to  SMYM for making over 90% of their pieces “throw in your bag and go” aka wrinkle-proof. 

 This dress was my go-to most days because of how easy it was to slip on right after the pool or the beach. Husband and I spent a lot of time walking around the grounds of the hotel and this was perfect for that. The stunning architecture against pink hues and palm trees really never gets old. Of course, the fact that it was our wedding destination made it extra special. 

 We spent most days at the pool and most nights vegging in our hotel room watching movies and ordering delicious take out from the hotel’s restaurants. So often we feel like we have to get so much accomplished when we’re on vacation because it’s our “time off” – yet running around doesn’t end up feeling like “time off” at all. For that reason, we both agreed to really embrace the true meaning of vacation and relax this time around. We didn’t let ourselves feel guilty for heading back to the room to take an afternoon nap, or sleeping in and having breakfast in bed – and we left feeling like we’d been on a 10-day spa retreat.  


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