Alola & Lace-Ups

May 10, 2016


Hi Guys! I’ve been MIA the past few days because I have been so busy getting ready for our trip this upcoming Friday. Husband and I are flying down to Boca for a few days to celebrate our first anniversary. We celebrated on the actual day (April 18th) with a quiet dinner at one our of favorite restaurants here on Long Island. I have to say it was nice going out on a Monday (which is something we never do) because we practically had the place to ourselves.  

Packing for me is never a one-and-done kind of deal. It typically starts two weeks before a trip with shopping – because while I have three overflowing closets, I of course feel like I don’t have what I need for this particular trip. I know it sounds crazy. I know it’s irrational – but I still do it anyway. After the shopping comes the “trying on” of outfits. Though I admit I own way too many clothes, I pride myself in the fact that I have become a smart packer over the years, no longer feeling the need to pack half of my closet “just incase”. Trying on outfits helps me to visualize and prioritize.  


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