European Summer Packing Guide

February 10, 2016

There’s something about packing for Summer trips that just puts me in a good mood. As I started to lay out different outfits for my travels, I found myself in a go-with-the-flow mindset, much the opposite of the state of mind I was in when packing for my first trip to Italy. 

If you’re planning on traveling to Europe in the Summer months, my best advice is to keep it simple, with a few key pieces. Becuase of the high temps, I found myself wanting to be in comfortable, light clothing for the majority of the trip. Unless you’re opting for a resort stay and not planning on doing any traveling (which is uncommon for many European vacations), you’re not going to want to be touring the countryside or walking through the city in a head-to-toe designer outfit. 

The single item I got the most use out of on this trip was my jean shorts. You can check my two favorite pairs here and here. Having those as a base, I was able to play around with fun crop tops, blouses and accessories to put together each of my outfits. Though you’re traveling to Europe and you want every outfit to be perfectly on point, I promise, you don’t have to go overboard! 

Note: I am omitting toiletries because what you bring totally depends on what you need on a daily basis. When it comes to toiletries, abide by two rules of thumb:

1. Don’t go overboard. There’s always a drugstore abroad if you find that you forgot something that you absolutely, positiviely need. 

2. Do utilize travel sizes to bring your essentials. 

I’ve linked the 3 items you see in the collage along with some of my handpicked pieces in the slider below!


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