Festival Season Essentials

April 8, 2017

festival season essentialsBEADED DRESS (on sale! – also in black) / BUCKLE BOOTS / CROSSBODY

Anyone else enamored with festival fashion? That classic bohemian vibe mastered by handpicked pieces that all seem to come together so seamlessly gets me every time. Not to mention the picturesque desert setting (that’s really probably a 98-degree, 100% humidity sweat fest), tailor-made for those festival looks.

While I won’t be attending Coachella this year, I will be embracing festival fashion, because why not? I’ve always described my style as having a vintage, boho vibe; my loose and flowy pieces are the ones I’m constantly picking out of my closet and wearing most. While I love a good new trend, I’m happiest and most confident in my bell sleeve tops, fringe and flares.

I have a knack for finding things when I’m not looking for them, which is exactly what happened with this dress. The beaded mesh detail and flowy sleeves immediately caught my eye, and I knew it’d be the perfect match for my white buckle boots. I didn’t feel the need to over-the-top accessorize with this look – I think the dress speaks for itself. I went on a whim purchasing this mauvy color because normally, I would have totally gone for the black. With Spring in full swing though, I’ve been trying to embrace a lighter color palette.

festival season essentials

festival season essentials

festival season essentials

festival season essentials

festival season essentials

festival season essentials

festival season essentials

Will you be attending any this season? If you are, check out these 5 tips courtesy of my concert-guru of a best friend Liz!

  1. Drink water, constantly. Nobody has time for IV fluids due to dehydration when there’s music to listen to. A good tip is to start hydrating a few days before, so make sure you’ve got plenty of water in your system. You’d be surprised how quick it runs through you in the desert.
  2. Bring a bandana! Yes, just like you’re in an old school Western, you’ll most likely experience lots of dust kick-up from the winds.
  3. Have ear plugs handy. Of course, you will still be able to hear the music, but your eardrums will thank you the next day.
  4. Remember to eat – especially because there are so many amazing food vendors all over the place!
  5. Don’t forget essentials like sunblock and a portable charger! It’s often the smallest, most obvious things that become so easy to forget to bring.



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  1. Rachel says:

    Great tips!! Love your outfit!!

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    great tips!! I love this color on you too!

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