Amazon July

What I Bought From Amazon this July

Rounding up this month's Amazon finds! This is everything I bought and loved (no returns this month!).

Gimme Bands (Volumizing Hair Ties)
I'd been seeing these hair ties everywhere and finally decided to give them a try! Absolutely love them. I went with the blonde pack; they come in both "hair colors" and bright colors. This is the thick style is perfect for my hair type. Two wraps and my hair-up styles feel doubled in volume.

Clear Double-Walled Espresso Glasses
Joe and I just recently dug out our Nespresso machine (I'm not a caffeine drinker and he usually grabbed his coffee after his train ride into the city). While I don't do caffeine, I loveeee decaf coffee-anything. We've been making lattes, after-dinner cappuccinos, espressos, you name it. Love the look of these clear glasses. They come in a set of 2!

Spotted Pull-On Mini Skirt
If you've been around for a little while, you know that I am not the biggest fan of the quality of Amazon fashion pieces. That being said, from time to time, I'll find something I think is worth trying. Saw this spotted mini and thought it'd be perfect for casual summer outfits into Fall, and was so pleasantly surprised! If in between sizes, size up.

Clear Blue Light Blocking Glasses
I am a sucker for a pair of Amazon blue lights (see all of my favorites here). Just grabbed this pair with a slight cat eye shape. Always love the clear styles because they're simple, modern and go with everything! I try to be diligent about wearing them whenever I'm in front of my computer, and at night when I'm on my phone. They've helped tremendously with eye strain.

Half Gallon Water Bottle
Being home means I'm snacking less, which also means I'm not as great with my daily water intake. Grabbed this half-gallon water bottle to keep on my desk throughout the day. What I love is that you only have to fill it once! It has time markers to help you stay on track, measurements, and a detachable straw.

Stainless Steel Olive Oil Dispenser
We like to keep our olive oil on the stovetop, since we're using it so often. Our previous bottle recently broke, so I wanted to replace it with something clean and modern that matched with some of our kitchen appliances. Great for soy sauce, vinegar or any other frequently-used cooking sauce/oil that doesn't need to be refrigerated!

Color Match Bobby Pins
This is 100% my OCD talking but I can't stand a bobby pin that doesn't blend with my hair! Found these color match bobby pins, which come in 10 different hair shades. I grabbed the color "ash blonde".

iPhone Tripod & Bluetooth Remote
I'm shooting a lot more content on my own lately with my iPhone, so wanted something that I could easily tote around. This kit comes with an adjustable tripod that can easily shoot portrait or landscape and a bluetooth remote, which connects right to your phone.






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