We’ve heard the term ‘all-day wear’ from nearly every make-up company out there, and while some lipsticks certainly provide more wear than others, no lipstick is going to stay on throughout your entire day. There is, however, a great trick to getting your lipstick to that almost-all-day status. I don’t utilize this trick every day, because I really don’t mind re-applying my lipstick, however, it’s my go-to method when I’m getting ready for a dinner date or a night out. My husband also loves this trick, as he gets to relieve himself of ‘lipstick-checker’ for the night.

What you’ll need:

     1. Your fav lipstick

     2. A tissue

     3. Translucent powder (I use this one by NARS)

     4. A lip brush, optional, but extremely helpful! (I use this one by Sigma)

Pineapple & Prosecco: The Simple Trick to Lasting Lips

If you opt not to use a lip brush, you can apply your lipstick straight from the tube for steps 1 & 4, and for step 3, lightly pat the tip of your finger in your powder and apply to your lips. It’s a bit messier than using a brush, but I’ve used this technique plenty of times when I’m in a rush. 

Also make sure to take your time applying your powder to every part of your lips, including the outer edges, to get the best result!



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