Believe it or not I'm not really hating Monday today. It was a super relaxing weekend for us; I was feeling a little under the weather Thursday and Friday so it was the perfect excuse to stay in sweats and sleep in all weekend long. It also happened to be my first weekend home in 3 weeks, so I was feeling in need of some major cleanup and reorganization.  makeup reorganization

I discovered these organizers a few weeks ago online at Target and fell in absolute love. When it comes to makeup, I typically live out of a makeup bag, with my larger products stored in my bathroom shelving. It's always a hassle digging through it every morning and honestly, I don't know why I didn't think of this sooner. While I have a good amount of counter space, I didn't want an overcrowded look so I only ended up using two of the four that I bought (although I'm sure I'll find use for the others). I already feel like I have a much better view of my makeup products and am giving myself a major pat on the back for this incredible Target find.  makeup reorganization

Sharing a time-lapse of my setup process and some tips for getting reorganized below! Here's to a great week ahead guys. xx (ps - video content was a major request this year and I'm slowly but surely getting around to planning some fun new YouTube content. Make sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel for updates!) makeup reorganization

3 Tips for
Staying Organized

1. Keep it simple and clean.  Is your stuff really organized if you've got tons of it? Less is more! Especially when it comes to counter space, decluttering is key. Makeup can be tricky because we all know it piles up. I choose to keep my everyday makeup displayed, and my extras stored away in my vanity. makeup reorganization

2. Find a place for each product. Mentally knowing where things go not only make it easier to put them away, but it allows you to maintain a cohesive look. Brushes with brushes, powders with powders. If you're taking the step to organize in the first place, do some categorizing too. makeup reorganization

3. Use beads to keep your brushes upright. I had previously used a mason jar to do this, but I love the way my brushes display with these beads in my new organizers. All you need is about 3/4 - 1 inch of filler in each section in order for your brushes to stand on their own. makeup reorganization

Shop all of my favorite beauty products here!

valentines day cocktails
makeup reorganization
valentines day cocktails


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