Haircare is an ever-changing industry. It sometimes seems like before we can even blink, someone is talking about the next best product for your hair. Don't you agree? For me, since I started coloring my hair so young, I've always payed extra attention to the makeup of my haircare products and how they affect my hair; I've never been one to skimp when it comes to haircare because honestly...quality products make such a difference.  

I teased a little sneak peek of some of the products I'm going to share with ya in today's post on Instagram a few weeks ago, and I'm so excited to finally break them down for you today. I'll be partnering with KEVIN.MURPHY this summer to share some of the staples in my personalized haircare routine, and how you can find what's best for your hair with KEVIN.MURPHY's Product Matchmaker.


A quick background about the brand: KEVIN.MURPHY is an environmentally-friendly, naturally-based Australian haircare brand that goes beyond conventional hair products by incorporating ingredients from advancements made in skincare. Yes, skincare...for your hair!

I first tried the brand when I received a hair mask in a PR package about a year ago, naturally not really knowing what to expect. I was instantly obsessed - my hair felt thicker, full of moisture and healthier. A few months later, I was getting my hair colored and my colorist kept raving about this beach wave spray that she couldn't get enough of. When she showed me the bottle, I instantly recognized the name and that marked the official introduction of KEVIN.MURPHY products into my everyday hair routine.

What's best for YOUR hair?
When I met the KEVIN.MURPHY team, the first thing they had me do was take their product matchmaker quiz: a quick, 4-step quiz all about your hair, from length to natural makeup and hair concerns. I was matched with a set of custom products personalized for my routine, which I've been trying out over the last few weeks!

Here's what I'm loving...

kevin murphy
kevin murphy



Made with citrus and tangerine, this is the perfect texturizing spray for those summery beach waves without that stiff and sticky feel. Love that this product also has a natural hold to it, which is perfect for those high-humidity days.

I give my hair a few spritzes after styling with my wand, and very gently run my fingers through my hair to tousle my waves and disperse the product.



Guys, this stuff is insane, and so much fun to use! This product creates instant volume by simply shaking it onto your hair at the root.

I lift a small line of hair by my part using my finger and give the product a few taps to disperse. Then, I lay my hair back down and use my fingers to shake the product into the root (see a how-to here).

kevin murphy



Bleach is my worst enemy because it makes my hair SO knotted. I've always needed a deep conditioning followed by a detangling spray to maintain smoothness (and to be able to run a brush through it).

This leave-in detangler helps to detangle, strengthen and restore hair and can even be used as a heat protectant up to 200°.



This is a great finisher for de-frizzing and activating your curls and/or waves. What's cool is that it will thicken fine hair, while softening thicker hair. Easy Rider has a light hold to it and is also packed with antioxidants, so it's super healthy for your hair!

I typically run this through damp hair, but it can be used on dry hair as well.

kevin murphy

Will be filling you in on new favorites of mine all throughout the summer! Also thinking of filming a styling how-to with my most-used products!

In the mean time, you can shop KEVIN.MURPHY products + anything outlined in today's post right from the website!

kevin murphy
kevin murphy

Thank you, KEVIN.MURPHY, for partnering with me on this post!


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