Quick & Easy DIY Sunglass Display

February 28, 2016

If you’re as much of a sunglasses fiend as I am, it can get rather annoying opening up each case as you fish through your drawer for the perfect pair. I am and will always be a sucker for visual organization, so when I found a cost effective and ridiculously easy way to display my sunnies, I went right to work. But seriously – it cost me only $15 and literally 5 minutes to make #becauseimsocrafty ?.

Check out where to find the supplies & how to make your own display below!

Sunglasses pictured, Illesteva


1.  Silver, gold or copper wire (I love me some rose gold so I chose copper). You can also choose what thickness you like best. I believe I used 20 gauge.

2.  White, wood or black 18×24-sized frame (If you don’t have as big of a collection, you could always go smaller. But who said you can’t buy more?)

3.  A staple gun. I had one of these lying around #becauseimsocrafty, but if you need to buy one, chances are you will find other uses for it down the road!

If you’re adding all of these up and thinking I did my math wrong in figuring out the cost, it’s because I did all of my shopping at Michaels. I have never walked into that store without a 40% off coupon + my handy 15% teacher discount. I don’t think Michaels is ever NOT running a sale! You can check out current promos and print out or screenshot coupons by following this link and entering your zip code. 


1. If you frame comes with a plexiglass fill, make sure that you remove and discard it. 

2. Decide if you’d like your display to be horizontal or vertical. Flip your frame over to the back and measure & cut 2 (for a horizontal display) or 3 (for a vertical display) wire strips that stretch the length of the frame. Be sure to leave some extra wire at the ends, as you can always clip excess wire later on.

3. Using a ruler or a really good eye, measure out your sections so there is an equal space between each string of wire and simply mark them with a pencil (remember, your frame is still flipped over). I eyed it using a pair of my sunglasses and how much space I wanted to be in between each row.

4. Staple each row of your wire on just one side. Use your excess wire to twist a knot so your wire doesn’t slide out. Then, stretch the rest of the wire across the frame and staple to the other side. Make sure you knot your wire on this side, too.

5. Grab a pair of pliers, a wrench, some rope and Gatorade because this next part is going to be really tiring. Just kidding! You’re all done! Display your sunnies and rest the frame up against a table or dresser. I don’t recommend hanging it on a wall because if the frame sits flush, it will be harder to place and remove your glasses from it. 

I’d love to hear which wire & wood combos are your fave and if you’re thinking about taking on this project! I promise, its so quick and easy – and totally worth it

Pineapple & Prosecc: Quick & Easy DIY Sunglass Display


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