transitional sweaters
transitional sweaters

I say it every year - that I'd take an eternal Summer over any season - yet somehow as we round the corner on our way into September, I always feel so ready for Fall. transitional sweaters

It's been an uncharacteristically hot Summer here in NY, and all I want is some mid 60s to low 70s temps; just cool enough for me to break out a light sweater!

As Fall rolls in, I'm always eager to see all of the new arrivals and will admit that I usually get a little click-happy when it comes to Fall shopping.

One thing I've learned though is that when it comes to sweaters, a small, quality selection can go along way.

Does that mean I don't want all the sweaters? Definitely not. But I've absolutely learned to limit what I buy in this category because it ends up being a handful of my favorites that I wear on repeat every year.

Balloon sleeves are a style you can expect to once again see in abundance throughout my closet this year. I picked up my sweater during a great sale (still going on) and wasn't quite sure if I'd love the color at first. When I tried it on, I was so pleasantly surprised. The lilac color is a subtle, muted tone that's perfect for this time of year. I paired it with these under-$80 jeans and these fun sunnies that you all seemed to love on Instagram.

Here are a few more styles I'm loving for the Summer to Fall transition...


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