Amazon Prime Day Deals to Watch

July 15, 2019

What is Prime Day

Prime day is an annual sale event exclusively for Amazon Prime Subscribers. Expect deals better than Black Friday and a great mix of everyday and big ticket items. My Prime subscription has easily become my most-used subscription (yes, even ahead of Netflix!). Rounding up a few deals to watch below! (PS - click on any of the items in the collage to shop!)

Our Personal Favorites

1/ All Clad 7-Piece Cookware Set - This was one of our first purchases after moving in to our apartment when we lived in Connecticut. We wanted a timeless stainless steel set and our pieces still feel brand new after years of use.

3/ Blendtec 625 Blender - I did a lotttt of research on blenders and am so happy I ended up with Blendtec! Makes the perfect smoothies, acaí bowls, frozen drinks and more. This was a splurge 100% worth investing in!

5/ Waterpik - Although I take such good care of my teeth, I've always had super sensitive gums. My dentist recommended a Waterpik as an alternative to flossing and I've never looked back. This one is only $39 (40% off) and comes in so many fun colors.

8/ Beats Solo3 - I will choose my Beats over AirPods any day! The sound quality is amazing and I love having something that can really cancel out the noise. I take these everywhere with me. Joe has a pair in the matte black!

9/ Kindle Paperwhite - Although I'm not a huge reader, come Summer, you'll find my Paperwhite in my bag at all times. The technology that allows you to read in direct sunlight as if it was a printed book with no glare is so cool and I love how easy it is to transport.



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