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Late Summer in Italy Photo Diary

February 6, 2016

Traveling to Italy in the late Summer was quite a change of pace from my trip in the early spring. Literally, it was so hot that we did everything in slow motion. Heat wave aside, the blooms were breathaking and the Summertime aura breathed adventure.…

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The Simple Trick to Lasting Lips

February 2, 2016

We've heard the term 'all-day wear' from nearly every make-up company out there, and while some lipsticks certainly provide more wear than others, no lipstick is going to stay on throughout your entire day. There is, however, a great trick to getting your lipstick to that almost-all-day status. …

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P&P Top Ten | Island Vacay

January 30, 2016

When packing for an island-style vacation, there are always a list of essentials that come to mind. For instance, a great cover up or sarong to show off your favorite bikini and a chic straw hat to keep you covered at the beach. Everytime I book a vacation, I'm starting a new adventure, and new adventures call for a new wardrobe (logical, right?)…

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Island Vacay Packing Guide

January 26, 2016

When getting into the mindset of packing for this trip down to the Bahamas, I was in a much improved state-of-mind than I was when packing for my Italy trip. Though I was packing for a totally different environment, I felt like I had nailed down the necessities, and those items that I could live without for a 7-day stay. …

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