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There's a hole in the blogging industry when it comes to free, open access to actionable resources, and this podcast is here to change that.  

We’re ditching the script and pulling back the curtain on all-things blogging with a podcast created exclusively for influencers. Blogging, Unscripted is for the creator who wants a raw, unfiltered look into the industry while learning how to successfully grow a business with confidence and clarity.

My promise to you: honest, unfiltered advice & actionable strategies.

We'll chat productivity and design, social media, brand partnerships, growth and more. I’m dishing out my honest, unfiltered advice and exclusive, actionable strategies for monetizing your influence.



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With 8+ years of blogging experience and a professional background in marketing, I’ve had the privilege of working with brands such as Nordstrom, Target, Levi’s, DSW, Abercrombie and Express.

In this space, I’m bringing together all of my collective experience to help you grow your brand into a successful business.


I'm so glad you're here.

"A must for any girl boss"

The Blogging, Unscripted Podcast is my go-to for all-things blogging and marketing. Danielle talks about such relatable blogging struggles, gives real life examples on how she's faced them, and then gives actionable solutions to combat them. I have referred blogger friends and entrepreneurs to this podcast. Danielle, thank you for this outlet for us to tap into, because the tips are GOLD! 

I am LOVING this podcast! Danielle has so many tips, tricks and pieces of advice for brand new bloggers. I listen to her podcast and take down notes that I can apply as soon as I turn it off. So thankful I stumbled upon this podcast. It's a must listen for all bloggers, new and old!

"So informational"

I'm blown away by how detailed and structured this podcast is. I've had my blog for about a year and just feel a little stuck right now. I'm so thankful for the knowledge and wisdom Danielle has shared, and the resources she provides beyond the podcast. Thank you!!!

"Danielle is a true gem"

I stumbled on this podcast by chance and just fell in love with Danielle's kind, lighthearted yet tough love style of sharing information. Everything she shares is so valuable and actionable and I can't wait to eventually put it all to good use! Blogging can feel super overwhelming sometimes but she breaks it into easy-to-understand topics and you can really tell she wants her audience to succeed. I have already listened to each of the episodes twice and cant wait for the next!

"a blogger must-have"

Hands down my favorite blogging podcast! Danielle is incredibly informative and unlike other podcasts about this industry that beat around the bush, she tells it how it is and I appreciate her honesty and openness. The content she provides is in-depth, insightful and jam-packed with tips for success in blogging from beginning to end. I feel like have learned so much from Danielle and always look forward to new episodes from her!

"this podcast is heaven-sent"

Danielle is professional, sweet, genuine, and extremely helpful with the info she's sharing. I'm aware we all need to make a living and charge for our knowledge and expertise with some things, but Danielle finds a way to deliver extremely helpful content that most people would charge for in an authentic way minus the dollar signs. Finding this podcast was the best thing that I've found in my quest for knowledge and trying to build my brand. Love her for this! THANK YOU Danielle!!!

"best help for blogging i've found"

I love how Danielle breaks it down to the basics. I have bought so many courses to help me figure out this whole world of blogging, and I really wish I would have found Danielle first. She graciously teaches what you need and does it for free. This is a MUST for new bloggers, for any blogger!

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