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Over 8 years ago, I built this space as a creative outlet to nurture my love of writing and design after leaving my career as a third-grade teacher. Through lots of trials, self-growth, style evolution and more, I’ve loved getting to share my life with you along the way.

My hope is that you leave feeling connected, motivated and inspired to look and feel your best all-around.

Come say hi and keep up with my day-to-day on Instagram at @daniellegervino. Community and connection are what keep me going, and I’d love to meet you!

I'm Danielle,


an 'always in jeans'

homebody at heart navigating life in my 30s.

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simple style, saying what you mean, taking time for yourself and elevating your everyday.

You can currently find me in New York with my husband Joe and our pup Charlie. We love: living by the water, quiet weekends at our local farmer’s market, & finding new recipes (Joe's the better cook but I can hold my own).

New York native

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and forever embracing my own version of the 'cool girl' in jeans and a tee.

Extroverted introvert

Easygoing overthinker

Sarcastic to a fault

It was 2015 and I had just quit my job as a third-grade teacher, packed up with my husband Joe just 2 months into our marriage and moved back home to New York.

What started as a creative outlet to explore my newly-appointed, kind-of-out-of-left-field hobby, soon turned into a passion project. After designing and building my website from the ground up, I launched my blog with a focus style, fell back in love with writing and design, and 8+ years later, here we are!

I've since done a career 180, pivoting to work full-time in marketing while I continue to feed my passion for building this community. Juggling the two is not always seamless, but getting to do two things I love keeps me fueled most days! 

This platform, although evolved in many ways since it started, has afforded me an incredible community of passionate, driven, kind-hearted, down-to-earth women, and I am beyond honored to have you here.

How I landed here...


For partnership, collaboration, or PR inquiries, please e-mail danielle@daniellegervino.com


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I often get asked if I do this full-time and the answer is no! I work full-time in marketing and design and I love my job. While there are days that I wish I had just a few more hours in the day for my business, I enjoy the balance of the two. Plus, my introverted-self needs the change of scenery, otherwise I would most likely never leave the house.

Achieving the right balance between my job, my business, my relationship and my home/social life is a constant learning process and although I have managed to make it work over the years, it's certainly not something I've mastered.

Prior to my current career, I was a 3rd grade teacher. This is why I switched careers

01 / Is influencing your full-time job?
02 / How can I shop something you shared on Instagram?

If you see something I've shared on Instagram, IG Stories Pinterest, etc., you can always find it in the LTK app.

By following my profile on the app (@daniellegervino), you’ll have immediate access to everything I’ve posted from daily looks to sales, discount codes and more. Make sure to check out each caption for fit and sizing details and utilize the search function if you're looking for something specific.

While you're browsing, make sure to also check out The Shop, a curated seasonal selection of my favorite things.

03 / Who takes your photos?

My incredibly talented photographer, Angelene, takes the majority of my photos. On rare occasions when our schedules don’t match up, my husband Joe shoots for me or I shoot with my tripod. 

The LensBuddy app is a game-changer for self-shooting! You can thank me later.

04 / Do you have a discount code for...

You can find my current active discount codes here

05 / How do you edit your photos?

I often get asked about editing given of the cohesive look and feel to my photos and I'll let you in on a secret...it's really more about the color palette and location than the actual editing! 

I try to stick to clean and neutral textural backgrounds with a neutral color palette and natural lighting - all factors that contribute to a cohesive look.

Depending on the lighting, I'll either manually tweak my photos slightly in the Lightroom app, or use the Tezza app to apply a subtle filter. My favorite filters in the Tezza app are Cocoa and Lover.