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I created my blog in 2015 as an outlet for my passion for writing and design and over the years, it’s evolved into so much more. Here you’ll find everything from affordable fashion, a love for neutral outfits, beauty and skincare tips, business resources, and alllll of the real-life that happens in between.
This platform has afforded me an incredible community of passionate, driven, kind-hearted, down-to-earth women, and I am beyond honored to have you here. My hope is that you leave feeling connected, motivated and inspired to look and feel your best all-around.
You can currently find me in New York with my husband Joe and our pup Charlie. We love: living by the water, quiet weekends at our local farmer’s market, & finding new recipes (yes, Joe is the better cook). Come say hi and keep up with my day-to-day on Instagram at @daniellegervino. Can’t wait to meet you!

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I often get asked if I blog full-time and the answer is no! I work full-time in marketing and design and I love my job. While there are days that I wish I had just a few more hours in the day for my business, I enjoy the balance of the two. Plus, my introverted-self needs the change of scenery, otherwise I would never leave the house 🤪.

Achieving the right balance between my job, my business, and my home/social life is a constant learning process. I have a hybrid work schedule and am very thankful for the extra flexibility, but even so, I typically spend 3-4 hours after my work day working on editing, blog posts, collaborations, answering emails, etc. In theory, it’s a 14-hour day, but I (mostly manage to) make it work! 

Prior to my current job, I was a 3rd grade teacher! This is why I switched careers

02. How can I shop something you shared on Instagram or Stories?

There are a few ways that you can shop something I’ve shared on my Instagram feed or Stories. My most-recommended way is through the LTK app.

By following my profile on the app (@daniellegervino), you’ll have immediate access to everything I’ve posted in the app from daily looks to sales, discount codes and more. Make sure to check out each caption for fit and sizing details! If you prefer to shop my LTK page from my blog, you can visit this page.

03. Who takes your photos?

My incredibly talented photographer, Angelene, takes the majority of my photos. On rare occasions when our schedules don’t match up, my husband Joe shoots for me or I shoot with my tripod. 


You can find my current active discount codes here

05. How do you edit your photos?

I edit all of my photos in Adobe Lightroom using my own custom-made Lightroom presets. If you’re looking to achieve a more cohesive feel for your content, I highly recommend using a preset!


At the moment, I don’t! I have previously worn tape-in extensions which you can learn more about in this post

I’m often asked if I wear extensions because my hair is naturally thick (and usually very long, before I chopped it!). I think the key to maintaining healthy hair is to really put an effort into taking care of your hair and minimizing damage. You can read more about my hair routine and my favorite products here, and see a video tutorial for how I style loose waves for short hair here.

On shoot days and for special occasions, I clip in my Barefoot Blonde hair extensions (see them styled here) in shade ‘Beige Blonde‘.


There is so much advice out there and I honestly don’t think that what I say holds any merit over what any other seasoned blogger would say. I can only speak from personal experience. My three biggest pieces of advice are:

1. Stay consistent (specifically, when it comes to content production, branding and showing up for your audience).
2. Go after what you want. Don’t ever wait for or expect an opportunity to fall into your lap.
3. Submit to finding your own path, instead of following someone else’s. More often than not, you’ll feel like you don’t know what you’re doing, and you will make mistakes; but finding what speaks to you, personally, and sticking to that will contribute wholeheartedly to your growth.

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