What NOT to Buy...Yes, You Heard It Right!

There are so many 'what TO buy', 'here's everything you NEED', 'here are 10293 of my FAVORITE items from the sale' type posts floating around so I figured I would try and bring you something a little more valuable...what NOT to buy from the 2019 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.

Point blank - with the amount of influencers covering the sale, it's very easy to feel like you want everything, and need more than you had set out to buy. But here's the thing...you don't.

When you see people leaving a Nordstrom store with 15 bags, know that they're using most of those items to try on and share, and will return most of it later. As a shopper, I'm telling you that it's not realistic to buy 10 pairs of shoes. Somehow, though, when we see influencers sharing their "shopping trips" and leaving with those 15 bags, we subconsciously might be more inclined to buy MORE because we feel like we need to.

I'm going to break it down short and simple for you today after having shopped the sale for years, of what to leave out when it comes to the 2019 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.

2019 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale
2019 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

1 / That One Thing You See Everyone Buying

Okay yes - everyone is buying that one thing because it's cute, on-trend and a great price BUT - there's always that one item that everyone won't stop talking about, which sells out in a day.

Unless you feel like you can't live without it (which is rare), you don't need it, and you also don't need to be wearing the same thing as EVERYONE else.

2 / More than 1-2 Fall Pieces

One of the perks of the sale is that you get to shop pre-season pieces...in JULY. I've experienced first hand buying a handful of Fall pieces that I loved at the time, only to leave them sitting in my closet once October rolled around.

Again, unless you feel like it's going to be a true staple in your wardrobe, hold off. Prices will eventually drop again, and if they don't, chances are you'll find something else you love even more.

3 / A Major Splurge Item

Brand marketing 101...those great deals? They'll get better. What you think might be a major steal on a splurge item during a sale, sometimes may not be all that special.

4 / Basics

Maybe it's just me, but I don't see the value in buying basics at Nordstrom! We see "sale" and think we're getting a great deal for a basic but in reality, you can find great basics at stores like Zara, H&M, Madewell for a fraction of the price.

2019 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale


Brixton is the brand I really try to keep an eye out for during the sale. If you love Lack of Color but don't want to spend over $100 for a hat, this one (also pictured below) is a great alternative! Will be the first thing I add to my cart. For reference, I wear a S in Brixton.

Brixton Joanna III Hat
$58.90 ($88 after sale)

Treasure & Bond Snakeskin Detail Hat
$38.90 ($59 after sale)

Halogen Felt Panama Hat
$38.90 ($58 after sale)


My advice for buying Fall sweaters during the sale is to look for neutral pieces that will turn into wardrobe staples. An open cardigan great for layering or a versatile tunic that you can style for work or a night out.

Topshop Colorblock Sweater
$44.90 ($68 after sale)

Free People Tunic
$98.90 ($148 after sale)

Halogen Cashmere Ruana
$112.90 ($169 after sale)

Midi Skirts

Disclaimer here...I live in midi skirts all year round. A midi-skirt sweater is my go-to Fall combo, and for that reason, I'll be picking up a few! If you love midis, I recommend finding one basic that will get you through the season. Also love this suede mini style from BLANK NYC (runs TTS).

Something Navy Leopard Midi
$49.90 ($79 after sale)

Chelsea28 Satin Midi
$45.90 (69 after sale)

Chelsea28 Pleated Midi
$59.90 ($89 after sale)


This was actually the most highly-requested category that you guys asked for from the sale! Girl, I gotchu - I love me some shoes too. Don't go crazy with Fall boots! There will be a lot but there will also be tons of even newer arrivals come September. Also crushing majorly on these Converse platforms with rose gold detailing!

Vince Camuto Gigietta Bootie
$99.00 ($150 after sale)

Paige Willa Studded Chelsea Boot
$249.90 (375 after sale)

Vince Camuto Nestel Knee High Boot
$159.90 ($240 after sale)