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2021 Gift Guide: Parents & In-laws

Gifts for parents is another tricky gift category; do you gift separate? Together? Do you go in on a joint sibling gift? My brother and I will often go in on joint gifts for bigger, more expensive items. I also love the idea of gifting parents themed gifts, like the Always pan and a cooking class, the Roku and a Netflix subscription, or a charcuterie board and a wine accessory. Today's 2021 gift guide for parents & in-laws is packed with some of my favorite gift ideas!

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Always Pan - I've personally gifted the Always pan to my parents, in-laws, and to myself and Joe 😜 and can confidently say it's been one of my family's most-loved gifts. I always get questions about how this pan holds up over the years, and in the 3 years we've had ours, it's been amazing. We now own 2 and they're all we use!

Skylight Picture Frame - Before you skip over this one, hear me out! This is not a run-of-the-mill digital picture frame from Sharper Image from 2005. Skylight is such a cool concept; you purchase the frame, set up an online account, and receive a personalized family email that anyone can send photos to directly from their phone. The photos immediately upload to the frame, which is such a unique and special way for family to all stay in touch. My mom absolutely loves hers.

Personalized Calendar - I love that we live in a world now where personalization doesn't have to always be tacky. This Minted calendar is so nicely designed and would be a beautiful gift for any parents home.

Trekking Poles - Great for hiking, snowshoeing or backcountry skiing, these poles are collapsable and easy to transport. A gift I'm personally eying for my dad this year.

Roku Streaming Stick - We can't live without our Roku, and have bough these streaming sticks for just about every TV in our home. It has made steaming so much easier.

Silicone Popcorn Maker - A fun add-on to gift with the Roku! Hey, you can even add on a one-year Netflix subscription.

Memory Journal - If you're looking for a more unique gift, this memory journal contains prompts to spark memories of friendships, anecdotes, etc., all coming together to tell "the story of my life".

Wine Chiller - A great gift to give with a bottle of wine for the parents who love to entertain!

Robotic Vacuum - If we're talking convenience and practicality here, buying a robovac has made my life so much easier.

Runner-ups that I've gifted to parents & in-laws: This charcuterie board set which my very Italian in-laws love; Masterclass, which my brother and I gifted to my dad last year who has taken courses like bread-making, gardening, and guitar; the Barefoot Dreams blanket, which I know you'll likely see on every gift guide...but my mom loves this and uses it every night!

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