2021 Gift Guide: Joe's Favorites

Gifts for the guys can be so hard, and so I thought it would be helpful to share some of Joe's favorite things that he wears and uses constantly. I actually asked him to help me put this guide together so the list is coming directly from Joe himself, and there are some really good ones!

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Adidas Running Sneakers - Although every guy's style is different, you can't go wrong with a classic pair of white Adidas. Joe wears these for workouts and with casual outfits.

Polar SmartwatchI actually influenced Joe to buy this watch because I love mine so much! If you're not keen on the square face of the Apple watch (or the price tag), the Polar Ignite is a great alternative. The only thing you can't do is reply to your text messages, but for us, that wasn't a deal breaker. We both wear ours 24/7 and fight to see who can get the better sleep charge each night! This watch is amazing for fitness, too.

Chef's Knife - If you have a guy in your life who enjoys cooking, we highly recommend Shun knives. Although on the pricier side, the quality is unmatched and it will be a staple in the kitchen for years.

Giorgio Armani Cologne - Cologne can be a cliché gift for guys BUT if you know what yours wears and loves, trust me that he'll always need a restock! Joe always asks for this every year, and it's my favorite smell.

Masterclass - This gift won the MVP award last year and was one that I would've never predicted Joe would love so much. Masterclass is a yearly subscription that gives you unlimited access to online classes on pretty much any subject you could think of with over 100 instructors. They have everything you can imagine from cooking to music, business, even gardening. Joe has taken cooking classes with Thomas Keller, Gordon Ramsay and Wolfgang Puck and learned so much. We also gifted this to my dad (makes a great joint sibling gift) who loved the classes on gardening, bread-making and guitar (Carlos Santana was his instructor!).

Adidas Sweatshirt - Joe has worn this sweatshirt to death (he could probably use a new one). Great everyday staple that he'll always have a use for!

Traveler Joggers - Lululemon has actually been a suprise frontrunner in Joe's closet this past year. He wears their ABC Slim pant to work and loves the jogger version for lounging. The material feels more like an athletic pant than a sweatpant, so he'll wear these out all the time, too!

Basic Tees - Always a great add-on gift for the guys. Although simple, these tees are staples in Joe's closet. Super-soft fabric, and an all-around favorite of his.

Bomber Jacket - Another great staple piece to get for your guy if he doesn't own a bomber! Joe wears his mostly in the Fall and Spring for pretty much any occasion!

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