I'm so excited to share my new branding with you!

I first sat down with Melissa of Melissa Harans Studio with a goal of bringing my brand together in its entirety.

I had made little tweaks to so many elements of my brand throughout the years, but never really felt like I ended at a place where I felt I had a whole, cohesive brand that came together seamlessly, translating across all platforms.

Melissa helped translate visual elements that I couldn't even put into words, ultimately bringing together a brand that feels 1000% me.

2021 new branding

Any other font nerds out there? This was perhaps the most difficult area of my branding to settle on. Deciding on brand fonts felt so finite, and there was a lot of pressure to get it right in a way that the fonts felt readable, yet unique and authentic to me.

2021 new branding

My logo was probably the second most difficult decision process for my new branding because it felt like the heart of my brand. What's so incredible about Melissa though, is that she was able to take all of the little details and spoken vision for my logo set, and turn it into these beautiful visuals.

Delicate script lettering has always been an element I've loved to incorporate into my branding, so it was important for me to have a hand-touched element present in some of the logo versions. My favorite part about these logos is that they're 100% unique to me, as Melissa hand-lettered them herself (with her handwriting that may as well be its own font).

Was the investment worth it?

If you're serious about your business, 1000%. Branding is an investment like any other work you might put into your business, and if you're blogging/influencing as a hobby, it might not be an expense you necessarily need to tack on. However, if you have an established brand that you want to turn into something that's clear, cohesive and easily recognizable, I highly recommend investing in a branding package.

It's important to remember that not every graphic designer will be a perfect fit. Before finding Melissa, I looked at a handful of other designers who I could tell were super talented, but their work didn't align with my overall vibe. When I saw Melissa's, I knew it was a match...and when I had my introductory call with her, I knew it was a perfect match. 

2021 new branding

Hope you enjoyed learning a little bit of the behind the scenes of the branding process! Every time I start to work on a new concept, collage or blog post with my new branding in place, I feel so excited to be putting out a consistent vibe that feels very me