The Amazon Edit: My 2022 Favorites

I placed a steep number of Amazon orders in 2022 and wanted to share the best of the best with you! These are my top 12 purchases in home, beauty, organization and decor. I also recently did a major revamp and organization of my Amazon storefront; cleaned out and updated with a select list of my favorite things. So, if you love Amazon as much as I do, then trust me here because these were by far my favorite finds of 2022!

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Amazon is my go-to for all things home, organization and really anything that makes my life easier. Let's be honest though, not everything we find on Amazon is a keeper. While I found a lot of winners last year, there were certainly (more than a few) duds. So, here were the items I didn't have to return and highly recommend.

Style Finds I Loved

I'm not big on Amazon fashion and tend to only give something a try if it's been recommended or if it has great reviews. These are all of the style and accessory finds I really loved and got the most use out of in 2022!

I'd love to know what your favorite Amazon purchases were so be sure to let me know! I'm always on the hunt for the next best Amazon find!

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