Aesthetic Halloween Decor You Won't Regret Buying

Every year, I look forward to breaking out the Halloween decor. It's always been one of my favorite holidays that holds great memories growing up, and that excitement for spooky season has definitely carried with me into adulthood.

If I'm being honest, I think a lot of people need to hear this: Halloween doesn't have to be tacky! I'm in the business of buying for seasons to come, so I can have that one box of Halloween decor I still feel excited about year after year.

Aesthetic Halloween decor also doesn't have to be boring by any means! I've handpicked a few of my favorite Halloween decor items you won't regret buying next year.

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Minimal Decor Ideas

Keep it simple; Halloween is easy to overdo! I like to stick to a 3-4 color palette (which is so easy for Halloween) and focus on small corners of the house. Any shelving in your home is a great place to make small, minimal updates. Bring out your black coffee table books and candles; swap out an object like a vase for a skull; add some spiderwebs! Entryway tables and dressers are also great vessels for adding a few seasonal objects.

One of my favorite subtle touches to add this time of year are spooky framed photos throughout the house. I love this vintage skull framed wall art, but if you're looking for something more specific, try browsing Etsy for printables like these. I like to use Printful, which is quick, easy and cheap.

And lastly, you know we love a Halloween bar cart around here. Bring out your darker-colored liquors and wine bottles and swap out your glassware for something spooky.

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Aesthetic Halloween Decor

More handpicked aesthetic Halloween decor finds

Hope you found some inspiration and ideas for this year's decor!