Amazon Kitchen Favorites

Kitchen tools & accessories are one of those things that I don't really think about often. I still have wooden spoons I've had since my college apartment and cutting boards that would probably be better off as firewood at this point. Earlier this year, I decided to do a little kitchen refresh and bring in a few new Amazon kitchen tools, serveware and utensils.

"Refreshes" don't have to be anything major! Do I want a brand new kitchen? Yes. Do I need/can I afford a full kitchen remodel? Um, no. A refresh is the perfect in between that will spruce up your space enough to feel like you've brought some new life into it.

Rounding up some of my favorite Amazon kitchen finds, plus some of my kitchen organization favorites below.

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Amazon Kitchen

Stoneware Mugs / Wooden Tools / Spice Dish / Cutting/Serving Board / Dutch Oven / Modern Wine Glasses / Textured Glassware / Cuisinart Knife Block / Margarita Glasses / Cookbook / Cookbook Stand / Wooden Salad Bowl

Amazon Kitchen Organization

Trust me when I tell you that an organized kitchen just makes you feel like you have your sh*t together. When my kitchen is organized and everything has a place, I'm much more likely to keep it tidy, to cook a homemade meal...basically to do all the kitchen things. Below are a few of my Amazon kitchen favorites!

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Amazon Kitchen

Pasta/Food Jars / Acrylic Bins / Soap Dispenser Duo / Zip Top Containers / Stoneware Utensil Holder / Wooden Bins (love these for chip bags!) / Long Acrylic Bins / Glass Tupperware

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