The Best Bras, Underwear & Everything In Between

There will be no gatekeeping here when it comes to the best bras and underwear. I mean, we're living in them everyday; they're the pieces we're actually wearing most often and so I thought we were way overdue to talk all-things undergarments.

Once we nail down what you're wearing underneath, here's some inspo for what to wear on top.

Best bras and underwear

My Bra Type

Everyone has 'a type' when it comes to bras and underwear. Talking bras, my type is full-coverage and lightly lined if I'm looking for support, and seamless if I'm solely looking for comfy. Here's how my favorites break down...

Full Coverage bras

Aerie Real Sunnie Bra - I've been wearing this style by Aerie for years and they keep bringing it back for a reason. Although it has underwire, it's still really comfortable and offers great support. I'm a fan of thinner straps and that's another reason why I love this one. Some reviews say that the newer versions of this bra run a bit smaller than the original version, so just be mindful of that when sizing!

Spanx Bra-llelujah Bra - This rates top of the comfort scale when it comes to full coverage. Although I wish Spanx would make a version with thinner straps, it's still one of my most-worn bras. I like that this is kind of a bra/bralette hybrid. There's no adjustable back clasp or straps because everything is a stretch panel, but the cups give you lightly-lined full coverage.

Soma Bodify Perfect Coverage Bra - Another great full coverage style that I think works especially-well if you're larger chested. The Flexicup technology moves with you and makes the design really comfortable, and I love the front mesh panel for extra breathability.

Wireless bras & bralettes

Aerie SMOOTHEZ Bra-ish Wireless Bralette - I love this style as an everyday t-shirt bra. It has the hardware of a typical bra, along with the coverage and support but fits and feels like a bralette. Not all bralettes are lined enough for me to feel comfy wearing out or to work, but this one is the exception.

Spanx Bra-llelujah Bralette - This is hands-down my most-worn bralette. I've been wearing these styles for years and you can't beat the comfort. I like that these have the cut of a bra and create a nice shape, but feel weightless and seamless. These are not lined so on some occasions, you might want to opt for more coverage.

Aerie SMOOTHEZ Scoop Bralette - The seamless fabric on this style is silky soft and it's just an all-around great bralette for lounging. I prefer to take the pads out.

Strapless bra

Soma Enbliss Wireless Stay Put Bra - A few seasons ago, I went on the ultimate strapless bra search and tried probably close to 20 of the most popular styles. I landed on the Enbliss wireless, pitched a partnership because I loved the bra so much, and have been really fortunate to work with Soma for the last few years based on a product I love and totally stand behind.

This one is IT for me in fit, comfort, no-slip, etc. The only potential downside for my larger-chested girls is that it does not minimize, so that's just something to keep in mind! Here's how the style fits on my body type.


My Underwear Type

Call me weird but I don't own one type of boyshort or brief when it comes to underwear. It sounds kind of backwards but to me, anything that's not a thong feels extremely uncomfy. No one likes anything that cuts in, so for me, seamless is what I usually opt for. Here's how my favorites break down...

Skims Fits Everybody Thong - I can't begin to tell you how worth the $18 price tag these are. You can bundle 3 for $36 which cuts the price down to $12 each, but I would honestly probably still buy them if they were $36 each. Really thin, breathable material with infinite stretch...a 10 out of 10 for me.

Aerie Real Me Thong - These are a great cheaper alternative to the Skims that have a really similar make. These have been a staple in my drawer for many years and are just so comfortable.

Hanky Panky Original Rise Thong - This is another pair that I've been buying probably dating back to high school. It's the priciest of the bunch, but a great everyday pair of underwear. Don't let the lace deter you from comfortability! They have great stretch and lots of fun colors too.

Aerie No Show Thong - These aren't an everyday pair for me, but they're a great pair to have for something that's tighter-fitting where you really want to see zero seams.

Shaping Underwear

Spanx Everyday Shaping Thong - When I'm in between not wanting to wear shapewear but wanting just a little compression, these are my go-to. They're a Spanx Level 2 "a firm hug" and perfect for smoothing. Not a shapewear replacement, but a great in-between.

PS - When it comes to shapewear, I'm always team Spanx (not a fan of Skims shapewear). This is my go-to when I need it!


"Everything In Between"

Skims Fits Everybody Bodysuits - I love these bodysuits for when I need something under a sheer blouse. The fabric is super thin, so it doesn't feel like I'm layering clothing, which I hate (unless it's Winter). The square neck bodysuit and the cami bodysuit are my two favorites.

Nippies - Whenever I have a thicker top or one that I can get away with not wearing a bra with, nippies are hands down the best of the best nipple covers out there.

Free People Happiness Runs Crop Tanks - I wear these around the house and for errands as longline bralettes with nothing underneath. They're a super thick, ribbed comfy fabric with a slight compression and a great replacement if you want to ditch a bra altogether. These almost-identical Free People-inspired tanks are another great option for less!

That's my full rundown on the best bras and underwear! If you have any questions about sizing, send me a DM but I'm generally a M or 34D-DD.