Boca Raton Resort Wedding

It sounds crazy to say that Joe and I have been married for two years today. All throughout the day, I found myself looking at the clock and thinking about what we were doing in each very moment on this day two years ago. Getting ready with our bridal parties, traveling in the limo to the church, taking wedding photos in what felt like a million degrees with our oh-so-patient friends, sharing our first dance – so many great memories, that I hope still all bring as big of a smile to my face 50 years from now.

For our anniversary, I thought it’d be fun to share a little bit more about us with you all, so Joe and I answered ten questions about each other and about married life. We answered these completely separately, without knowing any questions ahead of time. Hope you enjoy!

(to see more snaps from our wedding, check out this throwback post)

1. What is your favorite part about being married to each other?

D – The company. I have a permanent best friend at my side 24/7, and I love that feeling.

J – Being married to your best friend – someone that understands you on every level and no matter what is there for you. 


2. What is your current biggest pet peeve about the other?

D – When he plays games on his phone while we’re watching TV, even though I’m on Instagram while we’re watching TV.

– I can’t get into bed without moving 10,000 boxes and bags for her blog. Also, I’m not a pro photographer yet have been cast as one.


3. What is your favorite little thing the other currently does for you?

D – He’s always leaving me little notes in the morning, or bringing me home something special when I least expect it. Believe me, I realize how rare that is and appreciate it more than he knows!

– A surprise glass of scotch after a tough day goes a long way.


4. What dish do you always request the other to cook?

D – Chicken, chicken and more chicken. Clearly, I can’t cook chicken. I don’t know how, but he does it perfectly every time!

– Potato leek soup. Danielle is not a fan of cooking meat!


5. What is the most vivid memory from your wedding?

D – Oh there are so many, but one that sticks out is the hour or so we had together, just us (and our photographer) as we roamed around the Boca Hotel taking our wedding photos. It was chaos and it was unbearably hot and I was sweating, but I felt like that small piece of time we had to ourselves allowed me to really enjoy the moment of everything that was happening and take it all in.

– I have a few. The first time I saw Danielle walk into the church, our intro into our reception and our first dance.


6. In your eyes, what is the other’s biggest accomplishment this year?

D – Joe’s biggest accomplishment hands down is getting up before sunrise every day, getting on a train to Manhattan, working his butt off all day with barely a minute to breath, and getting back on that train home – just to wake up and do it all again the next day. He has an incredibly stressful job, and more than I could ever handle on his plate, but somehow still comes home 9 days out of 10 with a smile on his face. I could never do what he does.

J – She started a successful blog/business. She went outside of her comfort zone and created something completely new.


7. What activity do you enjoy doing most together?

D – We live in a beautiful town right on the water that has a quaint downtown area with a vintage sort-of feel, and it’s our favorite place to go. In the Spring and Summer, we usually spend a few hours on Sunday just walking and talking. I love that we can still enjoy each others company so much, doing something so simple.

J – She will probably say taking pictures for her blog, but just spending time together on the weekends. Whether it’s going out to our favorite breakfast spot, walking our puppy or just doing nothing together.


8. What was your first impression of the other’s personality and is it true today?

D – I thought he was rather full of himself when I first met him! Which, granted, as a 6’3, good-looking 23-year-old, what did he have to lose? I very quickly learned that was not the case and that there was an incredibly confident, generous, sensitive and charismatic person under the ‘cool-boy’ facade. We still joke about the ‘cool-boy’ today.

– Intoxicating. Danielle is someone that everyone falls in love with. She’s kind, intelligent and beautiful. Still very much true today.


9. What is one foolproof way to cheer the other up?

D – A hug. He’s going to kill me for saying this but he’s like a puppy, and just wants to be held. I love him for that.

– A foot massage.


10. Where do you see yourself on your third anniversary, one year from today?

D – I see us in a fairly similar place to where we are now. A bit further in our careers, starting the search for our first home and hopefully still enjoying the little things.

J – In our new home, cooking fra diavlo with a tomato/mozzarella appetizer.