Earlier this week, I was perusing my blog and noticed that my lifestyle category has been more than scarce this year. I then remembered back to setting my 2018 goals for the blog, one of which being to put an effort into creating more lifestyle-focused content.

So much of what you see between Instagram and the blog is often surface level, and so when I asked you guys last December if you'd be interested in exploring some more personal topics on the blog, an overwhelming amount of you said yes.

I guess for a while I felt like I didn't really know where to start; what would be of interest to you versus me just rambling, and then I had this idea...#PositivePractice.

We all have habits in our lives that we try and consistently implement in order to become better versions of ourselves, and so why not talk about them? I want to start this series not only to give my lifestyle content a little bit of love, but to hopefully inspire you to implement positive practices of your own.

So here's my thought...each month, we'll chat about something new. I'll share my thoughts, my game plan, why I'm implementing a new practice and the next month, I'll give you a run-down of how the previous month went. Sound good?



Setting Your Daily Intention

As someone who's suffered from anxiety for most of my adult life (read my story in this post), I have learned that intention is everything. I've always been an over-thinker, and am quick to let my thoughts, whether positive or negative, takeover and affect how I'm feeling physically. Do you ever feel like that or is it just me?!

About a year ago, I overheard someone say that they were working on setting an intention each day, and I was like...um, what? Of course, I was curious and 2 hours later I had read more articles than I could count about setting intentions; what they meant, how to do it and follow through, etc.

To be honest, it sounded stupid at first. Like, is telling myself I'm going to have a productive day really going to make me have a productive day? And then I actually gave it a try, and it actually worked. 


In some ways, setting your intention is similar to manifesting. What I personally understand it to be, is stating your conscious desire to achieve some sort of goal. The idea behind intention is that it acts as a seed which you aim to create, and when you set this goal in your mind, you are both consciously and subconsciously fulfilling it.

daily intention
daily intention


I'm not yoda and I do not do this every morning. If you do, all the more power to ya. BUT on the mornings where things are a little quieter, and I have a few moments to myself, I'll set an intention for the day.

Sometimes this simply sounds like: It's going to be a productive day, and others it sounds like: I'm going to do x and x, today. All within reasonable reach, of course.

I set my intention in my head, give myself a moment to process, and start my day. This whole routine takes 90 seconds tops.

Really, at the end of the day, the goal of setting a daily intention for me is to implement a more positive tone for my day; and let me tell you, when I really put an effort into doing this, it works.


1. Find a quiet place, and take a minute. We (myself included) get so caught up in the noise and the hustle and bustle of life. Like I mentioned, this takes a minute - take that time to really focus and follow through.

2. Stay open to the possibility, but not attached to the outcome (still practicing this daily, by the way). The less you worry about your intention fulfilling itself, the more likely it will fulfill itself.

3. Aim to make setting your daily intention a part of your routine that turns into a habit, so it feels less like a chore.

SO...I want to know your thoughts! Have you ever done this before? Are you curious to try? I'm going to make it a point to implement this #positivepractice as many days this months as possible, and will report back next month.

What other practices are you currently implementing? Would love to hear your ideas for this lifestyle series and open up the discussion.