Easy Gift Ideas for the Host

I realize it's not even Halloween and here I am putting up my first gift guide of the season, but what can I say...I'm a planner! In all honesty, the holiday season always comes up quickly and while I'm usually on top of what I'm wearing to events, one thing I tend to forget is a gift for the host.

This year, I'm stocking up on a few easy crowd-pleasers, and I thought you might want to do the same. There's nothing wrong with grabbing a nice bottle of vino on the way (guilty!), but if you want to be a bit more intentional, I've rounded up some easy gift ideas for the host. And don't worry, I added in a few general ideas for the times when you don't know the host well.

I have a lot more in store for the holiday season, so if you're trying to cross someone else off, stay tuned!

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01 / Our Place 'Always Pan'

This pan has gone viral for a reason. Joe and I have used this for years (let's be real...mainly Joe) and it's still in such great shape. It's truly the best non-stick pan and something that most people would find useful. We have the 'steam' color but there are tons of colors depending on who you're gifting to. As I type this, it's on sale for almost $40 off!

02 / Large Mango Wood Cheese Board

I'm very much into the idea of gifting 'sets' for hosts this year, like this cheese board with nice cheeses and even these cheese knives. The blonde wood is my favorite finish.

03 / Marble Stone Shot Glasses (Set of 6)

Order these now to gift later this season! This set is such a thoughtful, unique gift, that would work for anyone from your boss to your best friend. The entire set is $52 but I bet people would think they were much more $$$. Bring with a bottle of tequila to really get the party started!

04 / Checkered Throw Blanket

This $60 Amazon blanket has become a favorite of mine, and I mean, who doesn't want a cozy blanket for the season? The feel of it rivals a Barefoot Dreams blanket but for half the cost.

05 / OUAI Hand Cream

This is one of those items to grab a few of now to have on hand for last-minute gifts. Works for literally anyone since the package is so neutral.

06 / Capri Blue Capiz Jar Candle

I've been burning this candle for decades now! I love that there's a pretty holiday-esque jar for this time of year, too. Since it's such a crowd-pleaser, it's another easy one to buy a few of and then gift as the season goes.

07 / OUAI 'Chill Pills' Bath Bombs

Give the host what she really wants...to relax after the party is over. Plus, how fun is the branding of these bath bombs?

08 / Sugarfina Champagne Gift Box

Sugarfina candies are my go-to when I don't know someone well but want to be polite. These are nice for clients, your husband's boss, or even as a kind gift for your mailman or dry cleaner.

09 / Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask

I've yet to meet a female who didn't live for this sleeping mask. It's under $25 so it won't break the bank - and she'll be obsessed!

10 / Byredo 'Rose' Handwash

Byredo makes some of my favorite bougie hand soaps and this gorgeous 'Rose' scent is a new fave. If you want to spoil the host, pair this with the OUAI Hand Cream as a set.

11 / Glass Match Cloche

I'm including several Amazon links for any last-minute shoppers. I like this gift for someone you know a little more personally, and who you know appreciates home decor. Gift with your favorite candle (or mine) for the set experience.

12 / Vinglacé Wine Chiller

If you don't have this wine/champagne chiller yet, you're missing out. It's one of those items that you don't need until you own, you know? Which happens to make the best gifts! Pair with a bottle of vino or champagne for another set option.

13 / Marble & Brass Cheese Knives

I've definitely run into Williams & Sonoma to grab these on the way to a party! They are beautiful and understated at the same time. Pair with a nice cheese for a simple hostess gift, and gift with this cheese board if you want to be on their extra nice list.

14 / +Lux Unfiltered Exfoliating Body Polish

I love gifting beauty brands that I personally use, like this one. This body polish is especially useful this time of year and the host will be able to pamper herself after the party ends!