Everyday jewelry

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My Everyday Jewelry & Most-Worn Pieces

Jewelry is one of those things that I like to rotate often and while I have my everyday pieces that I love, I also like to try new trends. For that reason, I usually don't spend over $100 on a piece of jewelry unless I know it's going to be a timeless piece I will wear forever.

If you can't already tell, I'm a gold girl! Delicate, simple pieces that can be layered have always been what I've gravitated towards. Sharing a few of my everyday jewelry and most-worn pieces in the last year+ with you today, all at great price-points!

Favorite places to shop for jewelry

Many of the pieces I wear most-often are from Gorjana and Electric Picks. If you're looking for a medium-price-point, great quality piece, those are your brands!

I also love Uncommon James, and although a similar price-point to the above brands, I find that I have to be more mindful of taking care of my UJ pieces so they don't get tarnished.

Amazon is by far the most-budget friendly option to shop on-trend and seasonal pieces, with price points usually between $10-$25. Surprisingly, my Amazon pieces have held up pretty great over the years!

Everyday jewelry