Fall 2021 Outfit Ideas

Fall Outfit Ideas for 2021

As much as I'm not ready for Summer to end, Fall is just a few weeks away, and something I know a lot of us are already starting to plan for.

It's funny because behind the scenes of my business, so much has to be prepped so far ahead of time to allow for a smooth sailing schedule once seasons actually do roll around. As crazy as it sounds, I'm already prepping Halloween and holiday is riiight behind it.

I personally like to enjoy each season til the last drop, but part of my job is to help you shop for what's to come! Plus, with 'back to school' in the coming weeks, I know a lot of us have already made the shift to Fall in our brains.

I actually had so much fun putting together these 8 Fall outfit ideas for 2021. You know I'm a casual, denim girl through and through, so that's most of what you'll see!

Hope this gives you some ideas as we head into a new season.

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Preppy...but make it casual & trendy. A pleated skirt doesn't have to scream school girl. Dress it down by pairing it with a light sweatshirt and white sneakers for early Fall.


You can never go wrong with a classic white and denim. The cropped collared shirt is a fun take on a traditional button down.


Collared shirts are back! Heres a chic and simple way to style one for 2021.


Plaid doesn't have to be bold and in your face. I like to stick to softer colors and love how this bodysuit ties in the colors of the plaid crop.


If you're into neutrals, this is your fit! A blazer is one of my favorite transitional pieces to work with.


Athleisure is here to stay (at least for me!). Always need a comfy option and Abercrombie's sweats are some of my favorites.


Black denim & combat boots are the Fall combo you miiight not have known you needed. LTD2122 for 20% off all Marc Fisher!


Sweater vests are in, and I know they're not for everyone! Here's a simple, minimalistic way to try this trend without overdoing it.