False Lashes 101

Let's talk lashes! I think we can all agree that lashes are the secret ingredient to completing a look, and I personally always feel my best when I have a bold, long lash (even without any other makeup).

I've tried both eyelash extensions and traditional false glue-on lashes, and while I loved my extensions, I didn't love the maintenance (or the cost) to fill them every few weeks. Would I get them again? Definitely! But if you're not quite ready to commit to semi-permanent lash extensions and are looking for a more budget-friendly option, false lashes are way to go!

I'm breaking down my most-loved pairs and some common Q&A's in today's post, to hopefully help you feel a little more comfortable finding and applying the perfect pair!

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False Lashes

What's the best way to apply false lashes? I always have trouble!

First off, before adding any glue to your lashes, I recommend placing them against your lash line to see if they are the correct length. If a lash strip is too long for your eye, it can make application more difficult! I always trim mine down (just a cm or so) with a nail clipper or cosmetic scissors before using for the first time!

Having a lash applicator (you can also use a tweezer) is also a major help for me! It makes placing the lashes on your lash line and adjusting them (if needed) much easier.

To apply, deposit a small amount of glue (just enough for a very thin line) across the lashes, making sure that both ends have plenty of glue, as that's where they tend to lift the most. Here's the important part! Give the glue a good 20 seconds to dry/get tacky before bringing them onto your lash. This will prevent the lashes from slipping and sliding, getting glue all over your lid!

Place your lashes first on the middle of your lash line. From there, slide to the left or right to position them where you want them, and then carefully use your applicator or tweezer to set down each side, making sure the lahses are flush with the lowest part of your lash line (if you're wearing liner on your top lid, the lashes should sit directly on top of it!). Watch my Instagram Stories tutorial on application here!

Can you reuse false lashes?

Absolutely! A common misconception with false lashes is that they are one-use products. As long as the glue is removed after each use and you store them properly (I always save the clear plastic cases they come in), you can reuse them as many times as you'd like!

What's the best way to remove glue from lashes?

Honestly, I find it easiest to just pull off carefully with my nails! It's important to make sure that one hand is carefully holding the lashes, while the other is pulling the glue. Dried glue will be a tacky, rubber-like consistency. If you pull too hard, you can actually pull the lash fibers off of the strip lash, so make sure to be gentle when pulling!

Have you tried magnetic lashes?

I have and I hated them. I hadn't heard the best reviews, but decided to try them for myself anyway, and it was just a mess. They were difficult to apply (coming from someone who's very comfortable with lash application!), slid down my lashes, and just didn't look natural. Personal preference, of course, but I wouldn't ever try them again!

Do you recommend any lash growth serums?

Many lash growth serums are not recommended for blue or lighter-colored eyes, as some can contain a prostaglandin formula which might have the capacity to gradually alter the eye color, producing more brown pigment in the iris, and decreasing the amount of green or blue pigment. That's all I needed to hear before making the decision not to use any kind of growth serum.

I'm sure there are serums on the market which are perfectly safe for lighter eyes, but I haven't personally explored them yet and most likely will not down the road just to be safe!

Do you wear mascara underneath false lashes?

Sometimes yes and sometimes no! I always make sure to put a little mascara near the inner corners of my eyes, to help where my false lash meets my own lashes look more natural. Sometimes applying mascara can help blend the lashes in, but my feeling is that if you have the right pair, they can also be worn without! Lately, I've been skipping mascara all together and just wearing false lashes. Makes taking makeup off at the end of the night and not having to deal with removing mascara too much easier!

My lashes always tend to come off. Any tips?

First off, make sure you're using a good lash glue! That being said, some of us are simply more prone to produce oil, which can loosen the lashes as the day goes on. A great trick to prevent lashes from slipping is to first apply a little bit of glue as if applying eyeliner to your top lid, then apply more glue to your lash. Once the glue becomes tacky, stick glue to glue and they won't budge!

Hope this answered all of your Q's about false lashes! Do you have a favorite brand or style? LMK below!