My Favorite Amazon Purchases from 2023

Amazon deliveries are on constant rotation in our home and what better way to share my favorite Amazon Purchases from 2023 than a best-of edit! I went through every single order from 2023, and picked out my top 12 purchases in home, beauty, organization and decor.

Every year around this time, I also do a clean-out and reorganization of my Amazon storefront which houses all of my purchases and favorites. I've been on a major organization kick over the last few weeks, and have some great finds that have helped me maximize space and keep things tidy for the new year.

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Amazon finds that didn't make the cut

For every 10 great products I find, there are always those that don't work out. Here are some items I ended up returning, and do not recommend:

+ I thought this would be a great alternative for laundry pod storage, but it was massive

+ I should've trusted my gut with this bag sealer. If you're on the fence, go with the chip clips!

+ I wanted to love these oval dome earrings, but they were clunky felt costume-y

+ I have another version of this tote in black which I love, but the handle on this woven tote felt a little short

+ Tried out these clogs instead of Birkenstocks to save money, but didn't end up liking the style

+ Was hoping the Octobuddy was worth the hype, but it fell off of almost every surface I tried it on

+ I liked everything about this plant-based protein powder, except the fact that it tasted like cake mix

+ I was influenced to try this popular anti-chafe stick, and it was honestly terrible, sticky and felt gross. This one is so much better!

+ I didn't end up returning this cable organizer, but I should've. It's too compact in my opinion

+ Definitely should have read the big disclaimer not to put these produce organizers the dishwasher! These ended up being much better and microwave, freezer and dishwasher safe.

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