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Our Favorite Rosé Wines

Rosé is a summer staple in our house (who am I kidding I drink it all year around) so I figured, what would be more fitting than to share with you a few of my current favorite rosé wines along the easiest, most refreshing summer cocktail recipe?!

No. 1: Château Montaud
[Côtes de Provence]

Château Montaud will forever be my favorite rosé. Funny story - for the longest time, I never knew it's name, but was always able to pick it out in a store because of its unique bottle. I would look for the 'dancing people' on the cork because I always remembered 2009 was my favorite year (pictured is a 2011). This wine is incredibly cheap, which is crazy, because it's delicious! It's one of those great finds that far exceeds its price tag. Château Montaud brings back the best memories of summers in Montauk, where the rosé literally flows all day. We would (and still do) go through cases upon cases and if you have yet to try this one, I guarantee it'll become one of your new favorites.

Taste: A well-defined core of dried cherry, herb and mineral flavors features hints of white pepper that linger on the crisp finish.

No. 2: Whispering Angel
[Côtes de Provence]

Whispering Angela more widely recognized brand of rosé, comes from a vineyard called Château d’Esclans. While it has a slightly higher price point than the Château Montaud, it's still incredibly priced for how delish it is! Remember the rosé gummy bear shortage of 2016? Haha, well that was due to the magic of Whispering Angel and Sugarfina (by the way, if you haven't tried the Rosé All Day collection - do it NOW).  Did you notice that both of these rosés are from Provence? Fun fact, Provence wines are considered the gold standard of rosé, hailing from the Provence region, located on the south east of France on the Mediterranean coast (I mean, the location alone just sounds like it'd produce good wine). Wines from this region are characteristically dry crisp and fresh in taste, and pale rose in color.

Taste: Alluring, with a creamy feel to the mix of white peach, mango and white cherry fruit flavors, that stay nicely defined on the finish, thanks to a subtle mineral edge.

No. 3: Montauk Summer Rosé

Montauk Summer Rosé is a brand new addition to the bunch (literally, just tried it for the first time this weekend), but it's a goooood one! Naturally, growing up spending summers in Montauk (and with the kiddos on the label), I had my fingers crossed that Montauk Wine Company's debut wine would be something to talk about. While this rosé doesn't come from the south of France, the North Fork vineyards have made a pretty good name for themselves and I have to say after a few sips, it's definitely built a good reputation for itself in my book.

Taste: Made from a unique Syrah blend that is light-bodied and dry with crisp acidity and fresh strawberry and juicy cantaloupe notes.

rose all day

When I found this cocktail recipe (is it even really considered a cocktail recipe?), I was sold. Two of my favorite summer drinks, rosé and lemonade, mixed together to create the most yummy, refreshing summer sip--and the absolute best part? Three ingredients and less than three minutes to make a batch.

Easy Rosé Lemonade Cocktail


What You Need:

+ 1 bottle of rosé

+ Sparkling lemonade (this is a good one!)

+ 1 lemon, sliced

+ (Optional) Sugarfina Sparkling Rosé Bears (we used Bubbly Bears!)

rose all day


rose all day