Holiday Gift Wrapping Ideas to Try this Year

Gift wrapping is one of those things that you either love or hate. For me, it's therapeutic, like doing a puzzle or reading a book. Weird? Maybe.

I love putting time into curating a gift wrapping theme each year and for those of you who are on the opposite end of the spectrum - who just want to get it over with - I think I have the perfect solution to the guesswork out of wrapping.

I rounded up 6 gift wrapping ideas, plus also giving you a sneak peek of everything I personally bought this year for my own gifts. Hope this helps!

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Elegant meets traditional meets Parisian

Honestly not quite sure how to even categorize my wrapping theme this year, but here it is! I wanted a mix of rich colors paired with French florals that all tied together really elegantly, and this is what I landed on. Excited to bring this gift wrapping idea to life this year!


If you're looking for unique wrapping paper, highly recommend checking out Etsy's wrapping selection. Not only are you shopping small, but there are so many cool, different prints if you use the right keywords.

A few of my favorite Etsy shops for gift wrapping ideas:

A Thing Created, Carta Fortuna, Ruby Stripe, House of Parlington

As a rule of thumb, always remember to check the length of the roll you're ordering. You'll always pay a little more from an independent seller versus a Hallmark find, but make sure you know exactly how much you're getting out of your gift wrap!


Holiday Gift Wrapping

If you like neutral holiday gift wrapping with a flair, muted florals are a great theme. To add a subtle pop of color, pick a ribbon shade that brings out the patterns in the wrapping!


Holiday Gift Wrapping

Pink and green wrapping has a fun, dreamy holiday feel to it. The faux cedar gift toppers are a great touch that will really bring this theme to life!


Holiday Gift Wrapping

Earthy is one of my favorite holiday wrapping themes! It's where minimalistic and simple meet festive and chic.


Holiday Gift Wrapping

If you just can't choose a theme, traditional wrapping is the way to go! Try subtle greens mixed with brown tones and pops of red like these red berry sprig gift toppers.


Traditional with a retro twist, vintage Santa gift wrapping will bring holiday cheer to your loved ones before their gifts are opened!


Holiday Gift Wrapping

Winter white and gold accents make this snowy holiday gift wrapping almost too pretty to open!