I kind of get why we dread coworker gifts. They're the people we spend so much time with, but still not necessarily family or close friends - AKA - tricky to find the perfect gift for that doesn't break the bank. I searched high and low, and rounded up a bunch of my favorites! And if all else fails, there's always alcohol (hits home with my bosses every year).
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These are a few of my personal favorite holiday gifts for coworkers:

Personalized Starbucks Cup - Coworkers and coffee go hand in hand. This Etsy find for only $10 with endless personalization options is perfect to fill with a gift card or chocolates.

Get Shit Done Planner - Will give your coworker a good laugh but also end up being super useful. Win-win!

Homesick Candle - If your coworker grew up out-of-state, this is at the top of the list for personalized and thoughtful gifts for me! Reviews speak for themselves, these are a hit with so many people!

More Gifts for Coworkers