How I keep my hair routine consistent

I often get questions about how I maintain and style my hair so I thought it would be helpful to break it down all in one place for ya and talk a little bit about my weekly routine.

Shampooing & Conditioning: What I use and how often I use it

I shampoo + condition every other day, and sometimes every 3rd day. If my hair was prone to more oil, I would certainly do it more, but it's not, so I don't. The way I see it, the more I can leave my hair be, with all of the color and heat that is already destroying it, the better. I use this shampoo to take the brassy blonde out of my hair and brighten my color. It's one of the few toning shampoos that really gets a good lather going, as opposed to many others that feel like they're just 'sitting' in your hair without cleaning it. As for conditioner, Matrix Biolage is one of the few products that I really feel softens and deep conditions my hair (and I've tried a lot). I'll also mix a little bit of toning conditioner in conjunction with the Biolage into my ends, to keep them extra bright.

I have the knottiest hair on the planet, which I've learned is mostly due to the bleach, so I swear by brushing out my conditioner in the shower. It's a great way to avoid having to pull at your hair to get the knots out, and it helps keep your hair detangled for when you get out of the shower (yes, believe it or not after brushing in the shower my hair still knots after I towel dry it!).

To blow dry or to air dry?

I have learned to be pretty strategic with my routine and like to shower at night, so I can let my hair airdry while I sleep. I very rarely blowdry my hair; It's my way of feeling better about all of the damage I'm already doing to it by coloring it monthly and styling it daily! If I have somewhere to be or if I'm left showering in the morning though, I'll use my T3 Featherweight. I have extremely thick hair and this gets the job done in under 10 minutes. I swear by this dryer. Seriously.

I learned a pretty cool (and kind of obvious, but then again not really obvious) trick from the girls who wash my hair for those of you who can't stand sopping wet hair after a shower. Before you brush out your hair, take your towel and in small sections, scrunch your hair (squeeze tight). With that same section, rub the towel against your scalp, drying your hair from the root. Do this all around your head starting with the front and moving to the back (it takes about 3 minutes). When you brush your hair out, it will feel significantly dryer, almost damp.

Why I use very little product in my hair

My hairtype has always been very 'cooperative' and I love it for that. Therefore, why add any extra product? Half of the time I end up adding product, my hair feels dirty at the end of the day, and I end up caving in and washing it earlier than I should.

Occasionally, however, when my hair is feeling extra dry, extra frizzy, or in need of some texture, I'll give it a go. For dryness, I use this drugstore brand hair butter mask, which I absolutely love. It's moisturizing without being too oily and it smells amazing. For frizz, especially in the summertime, I use this frizz wand (whoever invented these things is a genius), and paint it very lightly right over my roots. When I'm looking for more texture in my waves, I like to use this sea salt spray. Most often I end up feeling like I need a spritz of this on my second day after washing when my curls are starting to drop.

Since my hair is pretty thick, I don't often feel the need for more volume, however when I have an event and I want it to really cooperate for me, I love this texturizing powder. It's like a science experiment on your hair, and definitely feels weird the first time you use it, but it's a game-changer.

My styling routine & go-to tools

My hair is naturally straight, so naturally, I want it wavy. Funny thing is, all throughout middle and high school, I couldn't put down the flatiron. Ugh. Cringing thinking back to that. I started experimenting with a barrel curling iron, which I used throughout college, and then finally made the switch to the T3 Whirl Trio wand, which I now can't live without.

I style my hair the morning after washing it, once it's had a chance to airdry over night. The next day, I might touch up 2-3 strands on each side that have dropped a bit, but I prefer the looser wave and the 'lived-in' look on that second and third day, so I tend not to overdo it.

When I style my hair with my wand, I use a 1" barrel. Starting from the root, I take 1" sections of hair and alternate curling away from and towards my face for a more natural look, leaving about 1" of hair out at the ends. [Tip: when you get towards the front frame of your face, always curl away from it.] I've done a few Instagram live tutorials, and am thinking I might try toying around with video to create on for you guys! Is this something you'd be interested in?

What are the habits you're most consistent with in your hair routine? Any products or tools you can't live without? Let me know below!