Spooky Chic Halloween Bar Cart Decor

There's just something about bar cart decor that I can't stop indulging in every season. Maybe because bar carts are a smaller-scale project so there's less room to be overwhelmed. I love finding stand-alone pieces to add to my core decor and I'm so excited to share this year's Halloween bar cart decor with you!

For me, bar cart design is all about balance and layering; tall vs. short, big vs. small, and where to add in little pops of detail. You can read about some of my favorite tips and tricks for designing the perfect Halloween bar cart in this post.

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Halloween Bar Cart Decor

Halloween Bar Cart Decor: Top Level

The top level of your bar cart is your stand-out level and should catch your eye with a balance of decor and glassware. I wanted this year's theme to be a bit more 'spooky-chic' than last year's Halloween bar cart, so I focused on bringing in more pops of black for some contrast.

+ My glassware collection goes on forever; it's just one of those things I love collecting. The only new pieces I added this year were these coupe glasses, which were added to our collection given Joe's and my new love for martinis. I also brought in our froster highball glasses (originally from Anthropologie, linked a similar style) and the skeleton scotch glasses, a favorite find from last season!

+ I brought back the silver mercury candle holders, which are a key piece in the balance of height on the top layer.

+ My framed skeleton photo also doubles as great shelf decor. I bought the digital print from Etsy, and got it printed and framed at my favorite online framing company, Frame It Easy (take 10% off your first order here).

+ This year I was set on a floral statement piece. I filled a solid black ceramic vase with black faux eucalyptus and a dried bouquet.

+ I brought in a solid black wine bottle to fill the empty space on the top level. Also a great place for a unique scotch decanter!

Halloween Bar Cart Decor

Halloween Bar Cart Decor: Bottom Level

I wanted to keep my bottom level understated & simple this year. I knew I needed to  balance the heavy black tones on the top level, so I opted for a black book stack balanced out by a set of wine glasses.

+ Believe it or not, this floral skull was an Amazon find. This is another piece that would also double as great shelf decor, and one that I know I'll move around and use for seasons to come.

+ I grabbed this Death & Co. cocktail coffee table book, not knowing how great of a resource it would actually be. Loved it for the Halloween theme, but it also has every cocktail recipe you could ever possibly imagine. Win-win! Also stacked this book & this book.

+ We purchased these cylinder wine glasses earlier this year; a great option if you're looking for a more modern wine glass!

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Halloween Bar Cart Decor