Ah, the guys. Why are they always the hardest to shop for?! I've taught Joe how to make a Pinterest wishlist in the last few years, and it's actually been a lifesaver. Sharing some of my favorite gift ideas for the guys, along with some items I've gifted in past years that have been a hit!
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These are a few of my personal favorite holiday gift ideas for the guys (and some I've gotten for Joe in the past!):

Herschel Weekender Bag - Guys aren't like us. They need one bag. I got this for Joe last Christmas (it's great because it also has a lot of matching pieces you can continue to gift like a backpack, dop kit), and uses it religiously every time we go on a weekend trip.

Lifecard - As thick as only 3 credit cards, lifecard is the perfect external charger for the guy who's always out of battery! I'm getting this for all of the guys in my family this year.

Converse Leather Hi-Tops - These are Joe's most-worn sneakers! Converse hi-tops are such a classic shoe, and the white leather gives it a little extra oomph that you won't get with a regular sneaker. Also, easier to keep clean!

More Gift Ideas for the Guys