There are two kinds of people in this world - ones that take pride in beautifully wrapped holiday gifts and don't miss a single finishing touch, and ones that would hand over their monthly paycheck to anyone willing to wrap everything for them.

Can you guess which one I am? Being a type A with a creative side, I revel in the idea of having an organized set up with all of my supplies ready to go and my Pinterest ideas ready to be put to work!

You have to pull out your creative side when you're wrapping, because otherwise, you're literally wrapping a box in paper...and what's the point of that? In today's post, I'm breaking down 4 holiday gift wrapping mistakes to avoid and how you can easily ramp up your gift-giving this year with some simple tips and tricks!

Mistake #1 -
Your Workspace Doesn't Exist

No, grabbing your supplies and plopping down on your bedroom floor doesn't count as a workspace. Having a workspace doesn't mean you need to have a full-on craft room. You just need a large, flat waist-high surface (like a dining room table or a folding table) and a place for your supplies.

The frustration typically sets in when you're halfway through wrapping and realize you're missing something and will have to start all over. Taking the time to make sure you have everything you need will make the wrapping process ten times easier.

I use this under-bed storage bin for all of my supplies, so all I need to do come holiday season, is pull it out and find a table.

holiday gift wrapping mistakes
holiday gift wrapping mistakes

Mistake #2 -
Your Paper is Too Thin

Have you ever thought you were getting great deal on a 100-sf roll of wrapping paper, only to start wrapping and realize you can't get a single present wrapped without it tearing?

If your wrapping paper is too thin, not only will it easily rip at the corners, but getting your gifts tightly wrapped will become harder. Not to mention if you're wrapping any tell-tale boxes with a thin paper (ie: a neon orange Nike box, yes have been there and done that), it will show right through.

Look for a medium-grade wrapping paper that is either metallic or has a cardboard paper-like finish that will crease easy and not tear.

I picked up all of my wrapping paper at Target this year! Here are some of my favorites:


holiday gift wrapping mistakes
holiday gift wrapping mistakes

Mistake #3 -
Running Out of Paper

You know when you think you have just the right amount of wrapping paper, only to find out that you have a huge gap where your paper is supposed to close? Then, you start cutting up strips Edward Scissorhands style and pasting them on? Sure, your present looks great like that...for a 4 year old.

Save yourself the hassle all together and grab a thick ribbon to cover your mistake. It's a win-win, because the gap is covered, and you've added an extra touch! If you're feeling extra confident about your gift-wrapping skills, you can also try the diagonal wrapping method.

Mistake #4 -
Skipping the Embellishments

The secret to those beautifully-wrapped Pinterest-esque gifts really isn't a secret at all; it's embellishments. Skipping the embellishments can be a little boring, and so it's important to take that extra simple step in your gift-wrapping process.

When I'm wrapping holiday gifts, I embellish every 3-4 presents (adding embellishments to all of your gifts can be a bit much).

My go-to is rustic with a touch of greenery and requires very little supplies! Pick up a roll of jute ribbon and then head to your backyard for some fresh sprigs of pine. This year, since I wrapped early, I picked up this box of mixed faux greenery instead.

holiday gift wrapping mistakes
holiday gift wrapping mistakes
holiday gift wrapping mistakes
holiday gift wrapping mistakes

A Few More Tips to
Keep in Mind

1. Place your box upside down when wrapping so it will be right side up for your recipient

2. Fold your side flaps in opposite directions to keep your gift from sliding about inside

3. Use the pleating technique when wrapping cylinder-shaped gifts

4. Use dull scissors to curl your ribbon

5. Use double-sided tape for a seamless wrap

6. Use different wrapping paper for different family members to make things easier

7. Use cardstock and greenery or ribbon to easily make your own gift tags

Happy wrapping!


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