This has been such a ridiculously long time coming guys! Those of you who know me know how passionate I am about denim; it's more or less all I wear and when it comes to jeans, I stand by my conviction that there is no such thing as too many pairs!

I thought it'd be fun to start a little series on here called The Denim Edit. I mean, I have so much (probably too much) to share with you from favorite pairs to brands, fits for certain body types...I could literally go on and on and on, but don't want to overwhelm you all in just one post. 

To kick off the series, I'm sharing my 6 holy grail pairs of jeans right now. 


1 / American Eagle Mom Jean
(Light Wash)

Currently retailing for: $29.99 / True to size

While I love my denim, I also love the brands I'm most familiar with, which is why I was hesitant to try the American Eagle Brand at first. To be totally honest, I associated the AE brand with my high school years, and didn't even think twice about ever shopping for denim there, until a friend recommended their "Mom Jean" as her holy grail pair of denim. 

If someone's saying holy grail denim, I'm checking it out - and she was so right. This Mom Jean style is so insanely flattering and has a high waist, which is great for accentuating your natural waist, and sucking you in in all the right places. 

I wanted a light wash for summer and was on the hunt for a clean pair without any destruction, and these are it. I had previously tried Madewell's Perfect Summer Jean and although I love Madewell denim, I wasn't a fan of the fit. Plus, this AE price point was less than half of Madewell's. 

holy grail denim
holy grail denim


2 / American Eagle Mom Jean
(Medium Wash)

Currently retailing for: $49.95 / True to size

I mean, it was a no-brainer once I got my first pair to pick up every other wash. This is a true testament to how good these jeans are guys - seriously!

Side note: After picking up my first pair of AE Mom Jeans, I wanted to try a few other styles since I had loved this one so much. I gave the Tomgirl a try, which looked like a similar fit on the website, but wasn't as flattering as the Mom Jean style. 

A tip for shopping these jeans: At 5'6", I always purchase AE's "short" style for an ankle fit. I prefer the shorter length with booties and wedges, and found that the regular was a bit awkward. 

I'm actually wearing this exact jean in regular length in this post, which I ended up cutting into a raw hem. So, if you plan to cut your denim, go with the regular length, but if you want to keep it clean, I'd recommend the short. 




3 / American Eagle Mom Jean
(Dark Wash)

Currently retailing for: $49.95 / True to size

This is probably my most-worn pair of jeans day to day. Although I prefer the color of the medium wash best, the destruction on the knees is more extreme on the medium wash, while this pair is a bit more put together. 

My one and only (minor) complaint with this pair is that the destruction on the knees is more of a muted, off white fabric as opposed to a typical white. It's such a minor detail that only someone as picky as me would notice!

That small detail aside though, these have a really nice dark wash (they look a bit lighter here than they actually are because of my edit) and are a perfect everyday jean!

holy grail denim

Shop all three AE Mom Jean Styles:

holy grail denim


4 / Levi's Wedgie Selvedge Straight Jean

Currently retailing for: $158.00 / Size up no more than 1 size (they WILL stretch!)

When it comes to OG 100% denim jeans, Levi's is always my go to! They have a way of constructing these perfect pairs that at first seem like they'll never work, but then turning into your most-worn pair after one or two wears. 

I first fell in love with the wash of these jeans, but there were a lot of mixed reviews about the fit - which to be honest - you have to expect when you're buying a 100% denim jean. Because there's no stretch, all-denim jeans often feel tight, stiff and just overall uncomfortable at first. I decided to order 3 sizes to be on the safe side, and ended up sticking with the one in the middle (one size up from my typical size). At first, I couldn't breathe let alone walk in them but rest assured I knew they would stretch out. A few wears later, I didn't want to take them off (they almost even feel a bit loose now). 

This is probably my second most-worn pair right now, and I know they're a bit of a higher price point, but these jeans will last ya forever!



5 / Free People Just Float On Flare

Currently retailing for: $78.00 / True to size

I really enjoy Free People denim. The pairs I have are some of my softest, most comfortable jeans. Most FP originals are made up of a cotton/spandex blend, making them typically true to size and easy to throw on and go. 

love a flare jean but a good one is not easy to come by! I feel like if you're going to do a flare, don't half ass it - do a flare; and this style was totally perfect for just that. 

It's definitely a more extreme flare with a total retro vibe. I know a lot of people feel like they can't pull off a flare, but it's all about styling it the right way! This high-waisted style makes it a perfect pair to do a front tuck with a graphic tee or a flowy blouse. For a tighter fit all-around, you can knot up a tee or even wear a crop. 

These jeans have a raw hem which I love, but may be a bit long if you're on the shorter side. I'm wearing a 3.5" platform wedge here at 5'6", and the're just about an inch from the ground. The good news is, because of the raw hem, you can easily cut them yourself. 

holy grail denim
holy grail denim


6 / BDG High-Rise Kick Flare
(Light Wash)

Currently retailing for: $69.00 / True to size

I actually purchased this pair of BDG jeans in the winter (don't ask me why - trigger happy during xmas season) and didn't get much use out of them until recently. 

They're a light wash, which I think is perfect for this time of year with a true high waist, which I love. Like most pairs of BDG, these have some stretch to them so they run true to size and are comfortable to move around in. 

I used to wear BDG jeans religiously through college and took a bit of a break for a while. This pair has totally reminded me of how much I love them. Something to note with BDG though - sizing and fit can vary from pair to pair quite drastically, so with this particular brand, I always recommend reading reviews!

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Would love to hear what YOUR holy grail pair of denim is!

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